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Tarot By Kathleen

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Knowing when someone is going to die



I am occasionally asked when someone is going to die.  It might be themselves, or someone (pets too) close to them and not always is this question fear based.  If you’ve been hanging out on earth for a while, you know there are more painful experiences to suffer than passing to spirit.  I’ve known intuitively when someone is approaching the end of their physical journey, and likely more often than I can recall.  I seldom reveal the details of this intuition however, and never if the person is asking about themselves. Discernment is a completely different matter from magic. In other words, seeing destiny is different from making it. A wise fact to keep in mind in my line of work.

Grannie’s Imminent Journey to Spirit

The insight that death is imminent arrives in a flash; unbidden and mind-altering.  I recall the first time I witnessed what I later learned was the death mask. It was on my grandmother’s face as she lay in a hospital bed.  Her facial skin was an ethereal, translucent white and her lips appeared a stark, bright red.  I blinked wondering if it was just the hospital lighting but from several angles her face appeared the same.  She died in less than a week after that vision. I believe I needed that warning to prepare me for a loss that took me years to accept. Grandma’s death mask was the first of many that I have witnessed throughout my life.

At 19, I was a passenger in the front seat of a car and observed the father of the driver of the vehicle, standing and waving at us from the side of the road.  I was paralyzed with dismay seeing the death mask on his face. A few months later he was diagnosed with liver cancer and died shortly thereafter. In my forties, I was invited to a treatment centre for children to read for the staff on an employee appreciation day.  I knew several of the staff from previous spiritual meet-ups and one of the women especially had become a dear friend. She met me on my way into the centre specifically requesting a special reading. Earlier that week she had been diagnosed with cancer.  I looked at her dismayed. On her face appeared that death mask again. She died a few months later.

For years, I would stare at my own face in the mirror watching for that white translucent face and blood red lips to appear. That’s the problem with awareness.  In all honesty, one of many.

I have no idea if this death face actually exists or if it’s a personal image in which I see the vision as the soul is preparing to depart from the body.  After experiencing a few of these death mask visions, I have come to recognize these distinctive, facial colour combinations.  As I became more adept as recognizing the facial signs, I started to notice other things too.  Like the person’s hands.  The way they hold their hands, the veins, and the stillness in them.  That hand sign is more subtle and nuanced.  The soul’s presence seems to be the most apparent in a person’s face and hands. At least to me.

Learn to Interpret Your Psyche’s Symbolic Language

That’s the essential nature of psychic visions.  They are personal.  Like interpreting a dream, you must learn to interpret the symbolic language your psyche is using to convey a message.  You might not, for example, recognize imminent death in the face the same as I do.  Your colour combination and placement might be different. You might not necessarily see it in the person’s face.  Many people dream of someone or themselves dying. Why I see a white face and bright, red lips I can’t imagine. All their life energy seems to be localized in their lips.  I’ve wondered if it’s a manifestation symbol of the “kiss of death” or “having the last word” but that’s a wild guess. I’ve had insights about a loved one’s death date. A person I’ve never actually seen. I can feel their soul leaning more into spirit than the corporeal world.  Especially when they really want to go but their bodies are stubbornly clinging to a life that is wrought with pain and misery!

Our unconscious will to survive is fierce.  This is when you will be the most grateful to your younger self for having invested heavily in developing your spiritual skills through meditation, contemplation and study.  Exercising mind over matter will be the most crucial performance of your life when you want to go but your body is not giving up a fight it is destined to lose.

Once a client asked when her relative was going to die and I immediately spewed out a date.  On that day her relative fell down the stairs, broke her clavicle and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital from a massive stroke.  Why that information was available when my client asked, I can only surmise she needed to know this ahead of time and the information was transmitted through me.

How to Discern Your Soul’s Language

Intellectual understanding of soul will only scratch the surface of grasping your soul’s power and dynamic.  Authors can describe what they see, feel and hear, but this experience is not universal.  You must learn your own unique psychic, symbolic language.  Some have a special dream before an event takes place.  After having the dream and waking life sequence a few times, they know when the dream comes to them something life-changing is going to happen.

As we approach the last vestiges of August, I am anticipating my favourite month of the year. September!  Glorious, late summer with its warmth and freshness and poignancy. I wish you a wonderful summer’s end.  It guides us to appreciate the now, gulping it up as greedily as we possibly can.

Blessings Kathleen

“Do not become hypnotized in any way by dogma, creed or belief, but find God within yourself and be free.  Ask to hear, to see, to feel and to know God, then your eyes will be opened to spiritual things and you will not want to come back to this earth life again.

You could not live on earth more than once- no, no! You cannot light again a candle that has burned out.  Life is progression not retrogression.  You go from one degree to another, and so on and on.

In the spirit world your time is so taken up with duties that you have no time to think of coming back.  You want to see your friends and you want to travel, because you can see all you want to when you are free and have understanding.”

Thirty Years Among the Dead by Carl A. Wickland, M.D. 1947.


Kathleen is a psychic and tarot reader in Canada. She has been practicing for almost 40 years and you can watch her videos and read more of her articles at https://www.psychicanada.com.





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