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Top Hat Man



Top Hat Man
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Below is an email I received from Sam G. Lyon aka Wrangler Dave.  

"So, it's a clear fall evening in North San Juan, California. The year is 1993.  I am with my dad on our draft horse ranch, which is 10 square miles in size up on a ridge by an old house. We were packing up to leave that house. we got into a 1976 primer gray colored Chevy Suburban. We headed down a dirt road named Tyler Foot Road, when we saw an elderly African American gentleman walking alongside the road. He had on a top hat. He was also wearing an old gray suit and using an umbrella as a cane. 

The area that my dad pulled over at, was an area that was approximately 6 acres in size of nothing but open field.  My dad asked the man with the top hat..."what are you doing on this private property?" The man with the top hat says: "I'm enjoying the cool night air, while admiring the stars.  My dad told him that he needed to keep walking down the road, because he was trespassing and when he got to the cattle guard about 3 miles down the road he would be off the property. Then we started to drive away, and we made it about 150 yards down the road, my dad decided to stop to see if the man with the top hat was okay.  We both looked for the man and he had completely vanished.  There was nothing but open field in all directions, there was no way an elderly man like this could just vanish like that. We were shocked and couldn't believe that a person could just disappear like that.  We looked at each other and realized that the man in the top hat, had to be a ghost.  My dad did some researching and discovered that this man with a top hat once owned the house, that we just left.  He owned the house back in the 1880s and also died in that house.  The clothes that he was wearing, including the top hat, were the clothes that he was buried in.  


Sam G. Lyon aka Wrangler Dave

What Wrangler Dave is talking about, is pretty much commonplace at many haunted sites and locations.  When I was stationed in Germany, I visited the very haunted Rheinfels Castle.  At this castle, ghost hunting enthusiasts obtain a smorgasbord of EVPs. There are reports of shadow people and even reports of sightings of full-bodied apparitions. Rheinfels Castle has had its share of deadly tragedies, and it was basically destroyed by French troops in 1797.  A full body apparition that has been seen by locals and tourists is "Blue Coat". Blue Coat is an apparition that will verbally interact with you.  Blue Coat got his name because he wears a German style military blue coat. He also wears a Chapeau bras hat. When I visited this castle, a local told me that Blue Coat approached him and said: "in deckung gehen" which means "to take cover".  I asked the local if Blue Coat ever says anything else. The local says that there have been locals and tourists that claim Blue Coat will discuss various topics when asked. He has been known to say "guter tag", which means "good day".  When tourists and locals make contact with Blue Coat, they do not realize that Blue Coat is a ghost.  They think he is an actor playing the part of a German soldier. When Blue Coat fades away into nothingness, is when they realize that Blue Coat is an actual ghost.  


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