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Haunted USS Nimitz



Haunted USS Nimitz
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Before I get into the haunting activity of the USS Nimitz. Let's look at a bit of history of the USS Nimitz.  The USS Nimitz is an aircraft carrier for the United States Navy. The USS Nimitz is the lead ship for her class. The USS Nimitz is not only an aircraft carrier, but she is an attack nuclear powered warship. She serves in multiple missions. The ship is named after WWII Pacific Fleet Commander Chester W. Nimitz. Nimitz was the Navy's third fleet admiral.  

The USS Nimitz is a ship with a dark past and I learned a lot about this ship from my brother-in-law Robert Mitchell who served on this ship. Robert has many fond memories of stopping at various ports in Western Africa and Europe.  The USS Nimitz is a very famous ship and has been in various movies from The Final Countdown (1980) to Transformers (2007) and Battleship (2012). Robert is proud to have served with the US Navy and conducting adventurous assignments on his time on the USS Nimitz.

The USS Nimitz has a dark past.  Not too many people knew that at one time a serial killer was amongst its ranks. Serial killer John Eric Armstrong served on the USS Nimitz. John killed 5 prostitutes in Detroit, and he killed 2 woman and 1 transexual in Seattle. It is suspected that he may have killed other women around the world during his port stops on the USS Nimitz.  John served on the USS Nimitz from 1993 to 1999. Another dark chapter on the USS Nimitz is when 14 servicemen were killed, and 48 servicemen were injured when a plane crashed on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. With the 14 servicemen that were killed on the USS Nimitz, it appears that the residual energy from this incident lives on.  Various Navy personnel have seen moving shadow people, ghostly apparitions of their fallen comrades, even a spectral plane in the sky.  One Navy personnel that served on the USS Nimitz says that when the USS Nimitz is decommissioned, it will yield its paranormal secrets to many paranormal enthusiasts that will one day investigate this ship.  Just like how the USS Hornet and Queen Mary are haunted, the USS Nimitz is also very haunted.  There has also been reports of ghostly apparitions of the servicemen that were killed, their faces will appear on reflective surfaces throughout the ship. 

The USS Nimitz was also involved with the famous sighting of the Tic Tac UFO. A Navy fighter jet from the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in 2004, tracked the incredible maneuvering Tic Tac UFO and it brought the realization that UFOs are real.  The government took notice. The Tic Tac UFO was filmed by a reliable source.  UFOs have been seen around the USS Nimitz in the past and I feel that UFOs/UAP are attracted to the USS Nimitz, because of its nuclear capability.  Sightings of UFOs/UAPs will continue with the USS Nimitz, until the day comes when it is decommissioned. 



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