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This Halloween primer blog will be about gremlins. I will post the definition, lore, and the use of gremlins in popular media. Lets get this started.

Dictionary.com defines the gremlin as follows.


a mischievous invisible being, said by airplane pilots in World War II to cause engine trouble and mechanical difficulties.

any cause of trouble, difficulties, etc., especially in a mechanical, electrical, computer, or other system: A loose wire was the gremlin that blew out the lights.

from Cambridge English dictionary we have the following.

an imaginary little creature that gets inside things, especially machines, and makes them stop working:

Merrien-Webster says 

: a cause of error or equipment malfunction (as in aircraft) conceived of as a small mischievous gnome

Lets just say these guys will right muck your stuff up just to screw you over.


A Gremlin is a mythological creature which is similar to a fairy or goblin. The creature originates from the fairy fields and woods of England. They are mischievous creatures that can be destructive and love to make things malfunction or place things in disarray. Wise dowagers would catch and keep them as pets to do their evil bidding. Folklore expert and linguist John W. Hazen points out that the word Gremlin comes from Old English and the word gremian which means “to vex” Even Grimm’s Fairy Tales has a story titled “Fremlin Beer.”







Not much more could be found that wasn’t overly repetitive, so moving on.
Popular Media: 

The Gremlins movies are iconic 80’s horror comedy movies that are fondly remembered by some today. Well at least the first one, the third installment Gremlins III: Gremlins take the white house, isn’t talked about in either polite or seedy company.

Mercy Thompson novels by Patricia Brigg has  a grumpy german mechanic named Zee who is (minor spoiler) a gremlin. Read the series to find out more about this lovable scamp and the secrets he may or may not harbor.

Even the Loony Tunes got in on the action. This id the only time that I can think of where Bugs was really in a bind.

Role playing games such as D&D, Pathfinder, and many others have used gremlins as critters one can fight. The following pic is an example pf a Pathfinder 2nd ed gremlin, created by the company called Paizo, who owns the rights, stat blocks, and likeness of this example.


paizo.com - Community / Paizo Blog

Here’s the start of a poem by Rhona McFerran with a link to the rest that will follow the beginning snippet..

Indigenous Creatures of My Writing Desk

There is an antique writing desk

in my little study


from generations of would-be

writers in my family

And there are ancient creatures

from days gone by

living in this old desk still

evil, larcenous little creatures envious of literary skill. 

This explains much

Lately, I have caught them unawares

aghast, thought I imagined them

but they are really there

surly, sinister, repugnant creatures

in my writing desk.


     I hope this helps get you in to the halloween spirit. Uncle creepy has agreed to three more blog’s this year. The first is his movie recommendations and other Halloween activities, he assures me the second will be about a monster of some kind, and the third will be creepy tales. I hope your looking forward to it as much as I, the first will drop Oct. 1st or 1,001 day. See ya then.


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Next month starting on the firsr will feature the return of Uncle Creepy, not once, or twice but three times. 

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