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The 7 Types of Vampires



The 7 Types of Vampires
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

We are all familiar with your common blood vampires, especially if you watch movies or TV shows like The Last Voyage of Demeter; Twilight; Blade; Renfield; Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Reginald the Vampire. But did you know there are other type of vampires? Vampires that you have most likely met in real life and didn't know it. Let's talk about some of these vampires.  

Blood Vampires
These are the most known type of vampires. They are usually "undead" and sustain their life force by drinking the blood of their victims. You have seen "blood vampires" in movies like the Lost Boys and Fright Night. Blood empowers the vampires, which gives them immortal life, gives them strength. Blood also allows them to have other vampiric powers, such as shapeshifting, the ability to fly and allowing them to be almost indestructible. You can combat them with wooden stakes.

Emotional Vampires
These vampires are all around us. They could be your wife, girlfriend husband, boyfriend, your boss!  It's a person that nags, nitpicks you on everything, causing you to feel emotionally drained, shut-down. 
They feed off your energy and that is why you will feel emotionally drained, shut-down. They are infamous for berating you and making you feel like crap. One of their tricks is that they will bring up something you did 10 years ago and start arguing with you about whatever you did 10 years ago. 

Psychic Vampires
A psychic vampire is a person that feeds off your life force. Psychic Vampires are very similar to Energy Vampires.  Psychic Vampires usually have a strong psychic force resonating from their mind. It is said that a true psychic vampire can touch you or get close to you and absorb your psychic energy.  By touching you or getting close to you, they will gain increased energy.  

Sexual Vampires
Sexual Vampires acquire their strength from the many sexual conquests that they achieve.  Sexual Vampires have nicknames like "Playa"; "Player"; "Playboy" and in various Asian countries, a Sexual Vampire is known as a "Butterfly".  The Butterfly nickname originates from what a butterfly does, going from flower to flower.  Sexual Vampires seek out many sexual conquests.  You may have encountered a Sexual Vampire who enjoys the "one-night stand".  The Sexual Vampire will absorb strength from the sexual energy that he or she may acquire from their sexual conquest.  Well known Sexual Vampires are: Warren Beatty and Hugh Hefner.  Extreme Sexual Vampires are the Incubus and Succubus. 

Physical Vampires
Physical Vampires will gain their strength, by watching you succumb to the brutal physical exercises that you are forced to do. Physical Vampires will seek out jobs that will allow them to absorb the physical energy of their victims. The jobs they will seek out are: Drill Sergeants, Coaches, Personal Trainers, etc. When you feel physically drained, fatigued, your Physical Vampire is gaining strength and becoming more powerful as you fall victim to the exercises that your Physical Vampire has placed upon you. They have now absorbed your energy and your energy is completely depleted. Well known Physical Vampires are: R. Lee Ermey (former Drill Sergeant); James Arthur Ray, who convinced his followers to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony that he conducted in Sedona of October 2009. He faced 3 counts of manslaughter. The 3 victims were pushed to their limits in the sweat lodge and died.  

Crowd Feeding Vampires
A "Crowd Feeding Vampire" gathers their energy from large crowds. A "Crowd Feeding Vampire" will take on jobs that require this type of vampire to speak in front of a large crowd or perform in front of a large crowd. They will absorb the energy from this highly charged up audience.  Some of your rock musicians, rappers, comedians, politicians are "Crowd Feeding Vampires". Your excited energy is what they feed on and it will bring the "Crowd Feeding Vampire" more strength and revitalize their own energy. 

Energy Vampires
An Energy Vampire is a person who will talk in a monotone voice about nothing that is relevant. They will continue the conversation and you will find yourself dozing off, or just losing focus. An Energy Vampire will seek out a job like being a teacher, or they will find a leadership job where they can talk to a group of people. They are usually very boring and they get their strength and energy from sucking out the life force from your body.  I encountered an Energy Vampire when I was in high school. The Energy Vampire was my history teacher. His class was so boring, I was usually out in 5 minutes sitting in the class. What is amazing is that I LOVE history, but this teacher made the history class mundane. 

Try to avoid these vampires and the only vampire that you may enjoy are your Crowd Feeding Vampires. Crowd Feeding Vampires will become energized and disperse the energy back to their audience causing an energy feeding frenzy that everyone enjoys. But, beware some Crowd Feeding Vampires caused chaos and disaster to happen in the crowd. Case examples: Travis Scott Concert in which people in the audience were crushed in the crowd.  Another case is the tragedy that happened on December 6, 1969, Saturday at the Altamont Free Concert. 


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