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Haunted Cardiff Castle; Castell Coch & Ty Mawr Lighthouse



Haunted Cardiff Castle; Castell Coch & Ty Mawr Lighthouse
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

When I visited Cardiff, Wales, I met a few "Roberts". My last name "Roberts" originates from Wales. So as far as I know, the Roberts that I met in Cardiff, could possibly be my cousins. Wilbert Roberts, who I met at the Potted Pig (restaurant) told me about his ghostly experiences growing up in Cardiff. Here's his story: 

Wilbert says when he was 12 years old, he visited Cardiff Castle with his mum. They took a tour of the castle and learned from their tour guide that a woman in a grey skirt, floats around in the stockroom. The Lady in the Grey Skirt has no face and when people happen upon her, they are usually scared by her appearance. In the stockroom, The Lady in the Grey Skirt likes moving things around and rearranging various items.  She usually does this around 3 a.m. The Lady in the Grey Skirt will at times appear as "mist".  The main dining room doors will open and close on their own. The doors are very heavy and there is no explanation on why the doors on their own will open and close by themselves. The same room also experiences lights flickering and furniture being rearranged.  Wilbert felt a woman's soft hands holding his right arm.  When Wilbert screamed, the arm touching stopped. Wilbert's mum told Wilbert that it was his imagination.  The Second Marquess of Bute is said to appear and walk through the fireplace in the library. He is also said to pass through a six-foot thick wall from his room, through another wall into the chapel in which he died. Lady Sophia Rawdon-Hastings, his wife has also been spotted, appearing to float through the castle grounds at night. And just outside the castle grounds, the apparition of a phantom horse and coaches are known to appear. Young Wilbert said that he heard the trotting of horses, but there were no horses around. His mum also heard the horses trotting along. When Wilbert's mum heard the phantom trots of the horses, she became a believer that Cardiff Castle is haunted.

This magnificent castle was built over an area that housed a 13th century ruin. Locals and tourists have claimed that they have seen a ghost that they call "White Lady". They believe White Lady was around during the ruins and is still around, now that the castle occupies the space where the ruins were once at. Tourists and employees of the castle have seen the White Lady. Legend has it that White Lady was mourning the loss of her son, who drowned in the local pond. White Lady fell into a deep depression and died of a stroke. Other ghosts are "3 Phantom Eagles". The 3 Phantom Eagles protect hidden treasure within the castle.  The Cavalier Specter is also another ghost that is seen walking around the castle grounds. Wilbert says when he was 27 years old, he took his date to the castle, and they encountered The Cavalier Specter. The Cavalier Specter walked past Wilbert and his date and gave them a nod. When they turned around the Cavalier Specter was gone!  

Wilbert said his favorite haunting was at the Ty Mawr Lighthouse on Lighthouse Island aka Llanddwyn Island.  It's right off the coast of Anglesey, Wales. It is situated near the southwestern entrance to the Menai Strait, which separates Anglesey from the mainland of North Wales. The lighthouse is a major landmark.  This iconic and picturesque structure that has played a vital role in maritime navigation in this area for many years. Ty Mawr Lighthouse was constructed in 1845 to help guide ships safely through the hazardous waters of the Menai Strait. The lighthouse is built of stone and has a distinctive octagonal shape. The ghosts that haunt this lighthouse are the Llanddwyn Island Fisherman. If you encounter this fisherman ghost, he is always soaking wet, even on a day where the sky is blue and there are no clouds, this specter will still appear to be dripping wet.  Story has it, that this fisherman may have been fishing near the lighthouse and got hit by a wave and drowned. When people see the fisherman, he is always looking depressed and mumbling to himself. The other ghost is the Lighthouse Lady in Blue. Seen walking along the grounds of the lighthouse, it is believed that she committed suicide.  Local lore says that the Lighthouse Lady in Blue was dying of terminal breast cancer, and it brought her so much depression, she decided to end her life early.  Wilbert claims he saw the Lighthouse Lady in Blue and that she looked very sad, before disappearing.  


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