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The Magic of Spirit Lake (Book Review)



The Magic of Spirit Lake is a true story. A story of magic, spiritual healing and miracles.  This is the true story of Danielle Diva Borozan who received horrifying news that her beloved mother has cancer.  Danielle is a third generation psychic medium.  Danielle brings love, light and hope within her journey with her mother and her supportive dog Maggie. With the devastating news that her mother has cancer, Danielle was enlightened with the spiritual powers of healing angels that guided Danielle and her protective dog Maggie to the healing properties of Spirit Lake. ZaZa, Danielle's mother who has a strong belief in her daughter follows her to Spirit Lake. When engulfed with the soothing water of the lake, an incredible miracle happens. In this eye-opening book, it will bring hope to people that are desperate for help. There are things in this world that are powerful and unknown. Danielle found this powerful unknown with Spirit Lake. Also, in this book, you will learn about Danielle's great grandmother, who was a healer, priestess and White Witch. 

Heavenly magic has been part of Danielle's life, and she has learned to embrace it. Feel the magic of Spirit Lake, a must read!! 
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


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