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The Grandfather Paradox Solved: Time Travel



The Grandfather Paradox Solved: Time Travel
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

What is the Grandfather Paradox?
The classic analogy for this, is what gives the paradox its name. It is a time traveler journeying back in time and killing their own biological grandfather before they can sire children. This means the time traveler doesn't exist and is unable to travel back in time. The non-existent time traveler is unable to kill his biological grandfather.

With this paradox, nothing can be changed in the past. With time travel it is easier to move forward in time and very difficult to time-travel into the past. I always theorized that if we time-travel into the past, that we would be like ghosts. The people in the past would not be able to see you. You would not be able to touch or move anything. You would not be able to communicate with anyone. You would ONLY be able to observe.

I had a client about 3 years ago who told me they time-traveled 10 years into the past. The client said that they astral projected into the past. The client was unable to interact with anyone from the past. He said that the people in the past were not able to see him. He was not able to touch anything. He was not able to communicate with anyone. The only ability he had in the past was to observe and nothing else. He was a "ghost" in the past.

When my client told me about his time-traveling experience, I believed him, because I always theorized that we would not be able to interact with people from the past. If we cannot interact with people in the past, that means the past is set in stone, nothing can be changed. This solves the "grandfather paradox".


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