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High Strangeness in 4 Places



High Strangeness in 4 Places
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

When I went on my vacation to Thailand, I stayed in the city of Bangkok.  Bangkok is such an exciting city, with the aroma of Thai food in the air, and the people are so friendly.  I spent 7 days in Thailand, and the most thrilling part of the trip was doing the 3 Miracle Island Tour, in which I would be visiting by boat the following islands: Koh Sak (Sak Island); Koh Krok (Krok Island) and Koh Larn (Coral Island).  Coral Island is the largest inhabited island near Pattaya. There are a few small hotels in the local village and around the island’s main beaches. The Samae, Tien and Tawaen beaches have accommodations, while the Naul, Tonglang and Tayaiy beaches have at least 1 restaurant, personal watercraft rentals, and banana boat rides. When I got to Coral Island, I was determined to accomplish two things. Those two things were parasailing and investigating the Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel and Resort.  Many guests at this hotel have experienced all kinds of paranormal activity, because on July 1997, a fire consumed part of this hotel, killing many guests.  Ninety-one guests died from burns, asphyxiation, thermal trauma or jumping out of higher-level windows in an attempt to escape. The final fatality resulting from the fire was a 40-year-old woman who suffered serious burns and succumbed to a lung infection following a week-long coma. Among the victims were six Hungarians, three South Koreans and one Belgian as well as dozens of Thai hotel employees, conference attendees and tourists. After I checked off parasailing on my bucket list, I headed over to the hotel. Talking to a hotel clerk, I heard that many guests have heard disembodied screaming.  One guest saw an apparition of a man hanging out by the window and then jumping. Ghostly sounds of running are heard in the hallways. The clerk explained to me that this hotel is the most haunted hotel in all of Thailand. The clerk explained to me that he has been pushed and grabbed by unseen forces. The clerk has seen ghostly apparitions running down hallways. During my impromptu investigation I felt extreme cold spots and at one point of time I felt extreme heat in one of the empty rooms. I believe that extreme heat that lasted for about 5 minutes, was the heat of the fire that killed 91 people. The clerk allowed me to walk around the hotel and check out empty rooms. When I finally walked out of the hotel, I felt relieved. There was too much negative energy in this hotel, and I can see why this hotel has received bad reviews by guests that unfortunately experienced some of the paranormal activity at this hotel.   

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The structure links San Francisco the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and to Marin County. The Golden Gate Bridge is recognized by people all around the world and has been shown many times in various movies and TV shows.  Motorists have seen ghostly apparitions of people standing along the bridge. The apparitions look like they are in deep thought and contemplating suicide. Since it was erected in 1937, more than 1700 people are estimated to have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.  Just 25 are known to have survived, according to Robert Olson of The Centre for Suicide Prevention in Calgary, Canada. Motorists are able to tell that the apparitions are ghosts, because they are transparent according to David Stromgate of Foster City who says that on one night as he drove across the bridge, he saw an apparition of a woman in a blue dress standing along the edge.  David said he was able to see right through her and then she just faded out, disappeared. I have personally driven on the Golden Gate Bridge many times and I have never seen any ghosts. But, there are many witnesses to these ghosts and with many witnesses, there must be some foundation of truth to the stories.  Another story is that the crew of the USS Kennison saw in 1942, a ghost ship. That ghost ship was the Tennessee SS Streamer that in 1853 fell victim to the strong currents of the bay. With ghost ships and suicide ghost victims that are seen, I would say that the Golden Gate Bridge is very haunted. 

A bridge that I hate driving on is the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge. It seems that you have many fast drivers on this bridge, and I always pray while driving on this bridge, that no one hits me, and I wind up being a ghost on this bridge.  Raincoat Man is a ghost that haunts the bridge. Raincoat Man is seen after you emerge from the Yerba Buena Island tunnel, near the third tower on the northwest side of the bridge. The story goes that his vehicle broke down in 1948. Raincoat Man ran out of gas on the bridge. As he was walking to a phone booth to call for a tow truck, he was hit by a car and killed. Raincoat Man now haunts the bridge. Commuters have seen Raincoat Man with their peripheral vision. He is usually dressed in a forties style fedora hat and raincoat. He is usually standing in the footpath. Another ghost story about the bridge is the story of The Bay Bridge Hitcher.  Witnesses believe that The Bay Bridge Hitcher was a victim of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. A 50-foot section of the upper deck of the eastern portion of the bridge collapsed onto the deck below. The Bay Bridge Hitcher is sometimes seen running next to a car and he is headless.  Other stories are that people driving along the bridge will look in the backseat and see The Bay Bridge Hitcher just sitting there, until he finally vanishes. 

As for Yerba Buena Island, people have seen the Phantom Cow.  Yes, that's right a cow that walks about and then vanishes. I would call that a "Casper haunting", a very non-threatening presence, a ghostly cow. Now to Treasure Island.  Treasure Island is an artificial island in the San Francisco Bay. Built in 1936–37 for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, the island was named by Clyde Milner Vandeburg, part of the Fair's public relation team. The site is a California Historical Landmark. When HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) investigated Treasure Island, we captured an EVP of a man saying: "Leave me alone." Another EVP was the voice of the same man saying "Keep walking".  Apparently, this  ghost did not want to be bothered. At Treasure Island, the ghost of the Baby Carriage Lady is sometimes seen. It's a lady pushing a baby carriage and she is seen crossing street, oblivious of her surroundings, then she fades away.  Another ghost that is seen on Treasure Island is the ghost of a man in an executioner's hood. Floyd Lambert of San Mateo actually encountered this ghost. He said this ghost was peeking around the corner of a building and then vanished. Floyd believes he saw the ghost of the San Francisco Zodiac.   

When my brother Andy Somprise Soyo visited Singapore, he had some ghost stories to tell me about this area of the world.  Andy says that the ghost of a woman named Poon Sai Im is seen walking around Pulau Ubin crying.  Poon Sai Im was a murder victim.  On 22 April 1972, Poon Sai Im, a 58-year-old provisions shop owner who lived in Pulau Ubin, Singapore, was ambushed by two men, who had gone from the mainland to the island to rob her of money, cigarettes and gold items. When one of Poon's attackers went into the room to look for valuables, the other attacker, 19-year-old Mohamed Yasin bin Hussin, alias Rosli, took upon himself to physically assault the victim and while doing so caused the elderly victim to die from fatal rib fractures (caused by Yasin sitting on top of her). Both men were eventually arrested nine months after the case and tried for murder. Poon has been seen many times by villagers and they say she looks very sad. They will hear her ghostly cries and at times will hear her ghostly screams.  Pulau Ubin is a very beautiful place according to my brother Andy. Since the British founding of Singapore, the island has been known for its granite. The numerous granite quarries on the island supply the local construction industry. Villagers claim that they hear the pounding of rocks late at night. The villagers say that the Granite Tommyknockers haunt the granite quarries and to this day, still pound on the granite with their sledgehammers. During the Japanese invasion of Malaya and Singapore in WW2, the island was captured and occupied by the Imperial Japanese army on the night of 7th February 1942, as a diversionary attack on Singapore. A few Japanese soldiers were killed and wounded in the conquest of the island by a few soldiers and natives who put up a fight. The Japanese created havoc on the island and executed and wounded many locals on the island. Villagers still see ghostly apparitions of the Imperial Japanese Army haunting Pulau Ubin.  They also hear disembodied screams in the night.  The residual haunting of the Japanese soldiers killing their citizens resonates in the atmosphere. 


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