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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Mystical Huangshan Mountain



Mystical Huangshan Mountain
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

When I went on vacation to Hong Kong, Macau and the South China Sea with my family, there was so much to see and do. There was so much more I wanted to explore. When the vacation ended, and we were leaving the Hong Kong International Airport and headed back to the USA, our plane flew over the mystical Huangshan Mountain in Anhui, China. As I looked down at this magical mountain, I said to my son Jason..."damn, we should have stopped by at this mountain, look how beautiful it is!"  When I finally settled down at home, I started reading up on Huangshan Mountain.  

Special Note: Family members that went with me to China were: Jason Randall Porter and Patricia Mary Roberts.

I learned that Huang Di, a Chinese cultural hero and emperor of China climbed this mountain.  Huang Di was known to be a hermit that made residence on this mountain. History tells us that Huang Di was an alchemist and legend has it that he found a purple fungus that provided immortality to his body and mind. After Huang Di drank this purple fungus portion and gained immortality, he took off to the heavens riding a dragon.  What makes this mountain so mystical is the beautiful rock formations, the clouds that linger about.  The hike on this mountain is so dangerous, that over 100 people have plummeted to their demise.  Tourists and locals have made claim that they have seen some of the ghostly hikers on this mountain. They have also seen apparitions that appear to fall from the mountain, only to vanish. This majestic mountain was formed over 100 million years ago and has a deep history. 

Tourists and locals say that there are many secrets to Huangshan Mountain, also known as Yellow Mountain. For many generations, people have seen strange lights that hover by the peaks and ridges.  Odd looking fog will blanket the lush valleys. It is said that some hikers who have been engulfed in this fog will simply vanish. It is believed by the locals that these vanishing people are stepping into another dimension. Odd flying craft have been seen in these mountains. Flying craft in the shape of a boomerang. Cube shape objects emitting a variety of colored lights. UFOs or UAPs (unidentified anomalous phenomena) have been seen in these regions and I believe the sightings will continue. A tourist named Huan Feng claims that when he was hiking on this mountain, he saw a strange portal open up in the sky and a dragon type of creature came flying out of the portal.  

As for missing people, there is a story that a group of 9 explorers were hiking around the mountain and only 3 came back. The 3 that returned told horrific stories that their comrades faced strange looking beings that abducted them. The 3 that came back were terrified of their encounter and all 3 could not stop crying hysterically.  They said the encounter with the beings was beyond mortal comprehension and was at the time terrifying. As time went by and remembering this encounter, the 3 hikers felt an elation of this out-of-this-world experience. These sightings have become such a part of Huangshan Mountain history, that the locals have said that extraterrestrials secretly have a base somewhere inside this mountain. Some visitors of this mountain have never been heard from again, and it is believed that these missing people have seen too much.

Legend has it that the strange lights seen around the peak are the souls of those who fell to their deaths from this mountain. or that there is a fierce dragon that lurks in the valleys, that has the capability of emitting light. Tourists and locals that take pictures on this mountain will get unusual orbs in their photos. Some photos show blue orbs, green orbs, yellow orbs and designer orbs that have intricate designs inside the orb. Some orbs are seen with the naked eye. Tourists have even seen shadow people lurking in the shadows of Huangshan Mountain. Xue Cao says that when she was hiking on Fairy Bridge, she came upon a dark shadow. The dark shadow then moved and was in the shape of a human. Xue felt a strong hand on her shoulder and she thought this shadow creature was going to toss her off the bridge. Xue was very afraid and will never go back to Huangshan Mountain.  Xue believes the mountain is cursed.  Whatever the truth may be, there is something lurking in the shadows of the Yellow Mountain.

During the Qin dynasty, Huangshan was known as Yishan or also known as Mount Yi. In 747 AD, the name changed to Huangshan or also known as Mount Huang by the imperial decree. It is said that the name is in honor of Huang Di aka the Yellow Emperor. Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor was the mythological ancestor of the Han Chinese.  One legend states that Huangshan was the location from which the Yellow Emperor ascended to Heaven. Some ancient alien theorists believe that the Yellow Emperor may have been an extraterrestrial or a hybrid.  As I said before, the Yellow Emperor according to Chinese history ascended into heaven via a dragon. Could this dragon have been an extraterrestrial aircraft that people mistaken for a dragon?  Another legend states that the Yellow Emperor cultivated moral character and refined Pills of Immortality in the mountains, and that is how this mountain range acquired its name. Locals have also claimed that they have seen ghostly Buddhist priests at various temples near and around Huangshan Mountain. The walking steps around the mountain are said to be 1,500 years old. It is estimated that there are 60,000 steps around the mountain. Tourists and locals have seen many ghosts walking those steps. 



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