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Are the Crest Theatre and Dive Bar Haunted?



Are the Crest Theatre and Dive Bar Haunted?
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Back in 2007, HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) conducted an investigation at the Crest Theatre.  We obtained 3 EVPs. One of the EVPs was a female voice that said...."lookit here!"  The other 2 EVPs were unintelligible.  At one particular chair in the theatre, the EMF reader would go off. At the location of that chair was a distinct cold spot. The Crest Theatre has plenty of history.  The theatre has been around since 1912.  In 1912, it was called the Empress Theatre.  The theatre during its many years has been a vaudeville palace, a Hippodrome. When it was the Hippodrome, tragedy struck.  On September 14, 1946, the Hippodrome's marquee fell to the sidewalk below, killing a bystander.  That bystander was Mrs. Jessie Shirley Potter, age 41, of Alta, CA.  She was crushed beneath the marquee. Joseph Brady, age 40, was struck a glancing blow and sustained a skull fracture, broken collarbone, permanent brain injury and loss of hearing in one ear. Litigation for damages came up to $176,334.50. This amount was sought after by the Potter family and by Brady in Superior Court. You are probably wondering if the ghost of Jessie Shirley Potter is still around? Even though we were able to obtain some EVPs in this historical theatre, we could not get any confirmation that Ms. Potter was still hanging around. 

After this tragedy, the Crest Theatre was remodeled in 1949. No longer was it the Hippodrome, it was now the Crest Theatre. During the 1950s and 1960s, it was one of the premier first-run movie palaces in the Sacramento area. As the decade turned to the 1970s, it was reduced to mostly sub-run fare. In the early 1980s, the Crest closed down for a time while several attempts were made to revive the theatre in many forms, including a dinner theatre. Finally, by the end of 1995, the Crest was completely refurbished and today its main auditorium (which has been left in its post-1946 unaltered state) is a multi-purpose theatre showing classic revival and specialty films, occasional live shows and lectures. Two additional, smaller cinemas were built adjacent to the original site around the time of the remodeling. The two subterranean theaters were closed in the 2010s and replaced by Empress Tavern in 2015.

Dive Bar 1016 K Street, Sacramento
Crest Theatre 1013 K Street, Sacramento
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, 1019 11th Street, Sacramento

Right across the street is the beautiful and elegant Dive Bar. A place where you can watch mermaids swim about in their huge tank above the bar. This is what the Dive Bar website says:
"Dive Bar in downtown Sacramento welcomes guests with modern elegance, and a fantasy twist! Splash into our venue, where we make Mermaid Magic every night in our 40 ft saltwater aquarium. Our live underwater performers will transport you to a sea of dreams with their world-famous shows, while our bartenders mix up their own aquatic alchemy behind the bar. With live DJs, dazzling tank light-shows, monthly and weekly drink specials and events, you can look no further for the best nightlife venue on land...or sea."

I have been to the Dive Bar twice and Deanna has only been to the Dive Bar once. When Deanna Jaxine Stinson walked into the Dive Bar, the first thing she saw was a woman in 1950s dress sitting at a table. Deanna is a psychic medium and is known for seeing ghosts. I usually try to back-up her claims, in which she is very successful. I attempted to get an EVP of the woman that she saw, but was unsuccessful in obtaining an EVP. Since the Dive Bar is right across the street from the Crest Theatre, it is very possible that a haunting will bleed over into the next building next to it, or across the street from it. As we walked outside, I managed to get an EVP of a man saying..."I'll fix his wagon!"  I definitely believe that the area where the Crest Theatre and Dive Bar are at, is haunted. Joann Mason from Yuba City said that when she went to the Crest Theatre, she saw what appeared to be a homeless woman. This homeless woman was pushing a carry-on cart and she was wearing a blanket. The homeless woman went through the doors of the Crest Theatre. The doors to the Crest Theatre were locked, but somehow this woman went right through the doors. Joann truly believes she saw a ghost. 

Dan Haugen of West Sacramento says that when he was walking past the Crest Theatre during dusk, a man in a suit approached him and asked where the church was. As Dan turned around, the man was no longer next to him. He somehow vanished. Dan believes that the man was asking about the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, which is located at 1019 11th Street, Sacramento.  The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament located on K Street is known to be haunted. There are stories of people who have seen a ghostly priest walking in and around the church. K Street in Sacramento has a lot of history and I do believe ghosts are walking all around that street.  The Dive Bar, Crest Theatre and the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacramento is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg! 



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