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Haunted Gruyeres Castle



Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

During my 12 years in the US Army, I took advantage of travel opportunities.  I could never understand why some soldiers rather hang out at the barracks and not explore the city, the country or neighboring countries. When I was in Germany working as an MP (Military Policeman), I was one of the lucky few to be selected to work undercover for C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team). CID gave me the code name "Porkchops".  Working with CID, allowed me to travel all over Germany and see many historical sites. The government paid for my meals, hotels and travel. When other travel opportunities came about, they were always on military discounts.  So, when I saw an opportunity to visit Gruyeres Castle in Switzerland, I jumped on it. 

Let me tell you some history about this castle. The castle was built between 1270 and 1282. They built the castle using the typical square plans that were known via the County of Savoy fortifications. The land that Gruyeres Castle is on, is the property of the Counts of Gruyères.  This lasted until the bankruptcy of Count Michel in 1554. The Count's creditors like the Cantons of Fribourg and Bern, divided his Earldom.

Then from 1555 to 1798, the castle was the residence of the bailiffs and then to the prefects sent by Fribourg. In 1849, the castle was sold to the Bovy and Balland families. The castle then became their summer residency. The castle was restored and became the foundation for an artists' colony. The castle was repurchased by the Canton of Fribourg in 1938. The castle then was made into a museum, and opened to the public. The tourists now flock to this castle to admire its exquisite beauty, and to see the gorgeous art collections. The castle since the 12th century has stood as a testament of wealth and power. Tourists now are very interested in the haunting activities of the castle. Tourists and employees have heard strange sounds coming from the dungeons. Some tourists say that it sounds like people being tortured. There is screaming, moaning and yelling.  Tourists have heard men screaming "es duet mr leid", which means "sorry" over and over again.  They also heard the words "Lohn Si mi in Ruh (frm), which means "leave me alone".  One of the strangest paranormal sights is of a ghostly figure of a woman dressed in white that roams the halls in the dead of night.  Clara Brunner of St. Gallen says that she encountered this specter and noticed she had a "pansy flower" attached to her collar. Some of the pedals from the pansy flower dropped to the floor and dissolved. Clara says that she refers to this ghost as "Pansy" and her looks show signs of distress. 

I discovered this on the Internet:  "One summer, two students from the nearby University of Fribourg were exploring the castle for a school project about its history. As they ventured into the lower levels of the castle, the pair noticed a strange chill and quickly grew anxious. Suddenly, the lights were extinguished, leaving the two in complete darkness. As the students stumbled through the dark, they felt something brush against them. Fearing for their safety, the two students made their way up the stairs. Eventually, they reached the top and, to their horror, saw a white figure in front of them. It had no face, only two dark eyes that seemed to be staring into their souls. Then the figure disappeared." 

Special Note: When I took a tour of this castle, the tour guide told me that this ghost is known as "No Face".  The tour guide has seen this ghost and he says that many other people have encountered this ghost. The tour guide says the ghost is harmless, but since it does not have a face, it scares people to kingdom come. As I walked down the hall where No Face is seen, I did detect some extreme cold spots. The students never returned to Gruyères Castle, but tales of the ghostly figure persist to this day. Gruyeres Castle is one of the most haunted places in Switzerland. Some of the notable historical characters that lived in this castle are: Count Johann III of Gruyères, and his son, Count Johann IV of Gruyères, both of whom were important figures in the history of Switzerland. The castle served as a military stronghold during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Wars of the Grand Duchy of Baden.  Some locals say that Count Johann IV of Gruyeres is sometimes seen roaming the halls of the castle. 


CASE # 5P304C949D792
Contact Person: Kristen
History & Activity: Kristen and her boyfriend live in a house near Oak Park that is 100 years old. Kristen with her peripheral vision sees entities moving about. Lights turn on by themselves and will not turn off. The house cat refuses to go into the house. The family dog acts terrified and tore up house plants and his bed. Crash heard in the living room, Kristen investigates and there is nothing broken. Razor flew off bathroom shelf and hit Kristen on her shoulder. Back door opens by itself.  2:30a.m. Kristen and her boyfriend smell smoke in the house.



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