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Is The Trap Haunted?



Is The Trap Haunted?
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

11/17/2023: This is a message that I sent out to Next Door Neighbor and to my Facebook timelines.  "Today, Deanna, our dogs Story/Champagne and I, did an impromptu investigation of the Trap in Greenhaven (Sacramento, CA). I received a message from a woman who does not want to be identified. I will call her Ms. T. Ms. T says that on October 12, 2023, around 10pm, she saw a man and woman, that looked like shadowy figures walking around The Trap and walking along the Sacramento River. Ms. T had her eye on them and thought they were being suspicious as they were also peering through windows at a nearby apartment complex. As she watched them, and as they reached the levy, they vanished. Deanna was not able to detect any spirit activity. The dogs didn't detect anything, and I was not able to obtain any evidence of a haunting. If anyone out there knows anything about any haunting activities at The Trap, please let me know."

Some History About The Trap (Found on the Internet):
"The Trap in Sacramento isn’t just a pre-Prohibition bar or one of the oldest dive bars in the city. The Trap is one of the oldest businesses of any kind in Sacramento or its surrounding area, dating back to the 1860s. Certified as a historic building in 2009, The Trap looks like it could collapse at a moment’s notice, a true dive bar shack if ever one existed."

The Sacramento River has had its share of drownings. The currents can get strong at times. Whirlpools will also manifest in the fast-moving Sacramento River. The Trap is right next to the river, and it's very possible that people who fell to tragedy at the river may haunt The Trap or haunt the land around The Trap. I had my own experience at the Sacramento River. I believe I was saved by an angel. I was spending a Summer day at the Sacramento River with my family.  As I was lying on a rubber raft, a speed boat went by and tipped over my raft.  I went under and found myself at the bottom of the river. I thought for sure I was a goner. My family didn't even notice me, they were too busy playing volleyball.  A miracle suddenly happens, I felt two hands on my chest. The two hands brought me over to the beach.  I was saved by an invisible entity. I believe that was my angel. I told my family, that I almost drowned. They laughed and thought I was joking.  The area where I almost drowned was just a few yards from The Trap.

Besides ghosts haunting The Trap and the Sacramento River, we have cryptids.  Here is a portion of an interview I did with Bob Montana, a witness to a Wetlash.

Paul: Bob, tell us something about yourself.

Bob: I was born and raised in Sacramento, lived in Carmichael for about 7 years now. I am married with 3 children. I work for the State government. I am an avid fisherman. I love taking my boat out and seeing what I can catch.

Paul: What kind of boat do you have?

Bob: I have a 30′ Hydro Cat Cataraman Offshore Fishing Boat.

Paul: On November 16, 2011, around 2000 Hours (9pm) you saw something unusual along the embankments of the Sacramento River?

Bob: Yes, I saw a Wetlash.

Paul: What is a Wetlash?

Bob: My Indian friend calls it a Wetlash. It was the damnest thing I ever saw. This watery creature came out of the water, it had long ears, must of been about 3 1/2 feet high, knee-high boots, strange shirt with an open collar and the longest tail ever. At the end of his tail, he was holding a fish. The Wetlash caught my eye and looked at me with a strange look and went back into the water immediately. Special Note: Bob Montana believes he witnessed a water elemental. 

The Sacramento River is a very deep river and its famous for having Humphrey the Whale in its waters.  This happened in 1985.  Then in 2007, it had Delta and Dawn, two humpback whales in its water.  Besides having whales swimming in the Sacramento River, we had two SMUD workers that make claim that they saw a river serpent 30 feet long swimming in the Sacramento River. Large salamanders have been seen on the embankments of the Sacramento River and get this. Up to 6 people have seen the Mothman on the Tower Bridge.  The Sacramento Mothman was featured on History Channel's Monster Quest.  So, with all of these ghosts, cryptids, elementals reported along the Sacramento River, I have a tendency to believe The Trap is haunted. Dawn Neely of Bakersfield says that in 1986, she visited The Trap and saw a red-haired woman standing behind her in the restroom. When she turned around, the woman smiled and faded away.  Abraham Descoteaux of Lincoln, CA saw a little boy running around in the field near the Trap. The little boy was laughing and bouncing about. The little boy had no shirt on, and it was a cold Winter morning. The little boy then vanished. Abraham says this happened in 1992. 


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