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In a galaxy far, far away, someone ordered Murder Hobos?



In the distant past, Demon Ninjas would attack their foes with a swarm of back bees.


In current day we worry about murder hornets.


In the future we’ll have sophisticated bee robots.

Premium Photo | 3d illustration of a black and yellow mechanical robot bee  on a light masked

Humanity’s downfall is inevitable, prepare for the rise of the bee kingdom.

This post is brought to you by the law offices of Hysteria, Panic, and Calamity. We’re looking out for you…’re money. And now a song to reduce the sting of losing all your money in perpetuity.


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Okay I understand that you like to do catchy titles but this particular post doesn’t even seem half assed phoned in. I get it with the whole bee thing as murder hornets have been in the news a year or two ago, but still. Maybe I’m just stupid, lets go with that since people seem to like what you have to post.

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Nah, just 10 orders of Chicken McNuggets with Ranch Sauce. The cholesterol did the rest.

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