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Here’s a weird one coming from the sub continent of India where we get a mythical creature with a lions body and the gead of an elephant. It’s likeness has found its way to parts of south east asia.


The gajasimha or gajasiha (from Sanskrit: gaja+siṃha / Pali: gaja+sīha) is a mythical hybrid animal in Hindu mythology, appearing as a sinha or rajasiha(mythical lion) with the head or trunk of an elephant. It is found as a motif in Indian and Sinhalese art,[1] and is used as a heraldic symbol in some Southeast Asian countries, especially Cambodia and Thailand. In Siam (pre-modern Thailand), the gajasimha served as the symbol of the kalahom, one of the king's two chief chancellors. It appears as a supporter in the coat of arms of Siam, in use from 1873 to 1910, and the royal arms of Cambodia, officially adopted in 1993.

wiki here ——> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gajasimha


what looks to me is a large stone chair or throne with gaiasimha armrests. Tell me what you think. Unfortunately I attempted to research this creature further and was redirected to other pages and being quite the hassle.


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