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Disclosure: Are We Close?



Disclosure: Are We Close?
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

I believe we are very close to disclosure.  Why?  Because we have many private companies that are set up to explore space. We have Elon Musk Space X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, United Launch Alliance (ULA), Ariane Space and Axiom Space. Their goal is everything from space tourism, payloads and even the eventual colonization of Mars.  If an astronaut tourist becomes a whistleblower and says that the 4-mile-high spire on the moon is definitely artificial, the information that he or she provides will go viral and the people of planet Earth will have confirmation that we are not alone.  Our government is providing us bits and pieces of information, like releasing the TicTok UAP video. The government is getting us prepared, that is why they had their congressional hearing on UAPs. Whistleblowers like Bob Lazar and David Grusch are stepping forward and revealing what they know about the UFO phenomena. Whistleblowers are not afraid of the naysayers and skeptics.  They are no longer afraid of being labeled a "crazy". People are listening, people are watching shows like Ancient Aliens and stepping back and saying to themselves..."hey, that all makes sense!" We are discovering planet after planet that are in the so-called "Goldilocks" zone, planets that can support life.  

With all of the private organizations exploring space, we also have a multitude of countries that are exploring space.  We have India, Japan, France, Italy, Australia, China, Russia and Brazil. If any of these "other" countries discover that there are extraterrestrial artificial structures, there will be someone or perhaps many whistle blowers that will confirm that the moon is hollow and there is an alien base inside the moon. Or they will tell us that Phobos does indeed have an artificial monolith. Space explorers from these private companies may gain interest on why the moon is the right size for a total eclipse, or why all craters on the moon are so shallow. Whistleblowers may tell us if the Face on Mars is an actual face or if there are actual pyramids on Mars? With the billions and billions of planets in our universe, to think we are the only life in the universe is absurd. 

I believe when scientists tell us that panspermia is not a theory anymore, that it's a scientific fact, we will have our confirmation that we are not alone in the universe. We will embrace the fact that life is throughout the universe.  


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The question is how the population would handle it. People seem to react in a negative way to extraordinary circumstances.

When covid came into our lives, people rushed to the stores and fought over toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

And bickered with each other over the vaccine. If a virus freaked out people. Imagine if ETs revealed themselves.

Whistleblowers have said the government keeps this secret because it would affect people's belief systems.

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