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The image of Our Lady of Lourdes that’s not there but everyone sees it




The image of Our Lady of Lourdes that’s not there but everyone sees it

Those who visit the chapel of the Our Lady of Lourdes shrine in the city of Alta Gracia in Córdoba province, Argentina, witness a phenomenon that has no explanation: In the niche that is part of the altarpiece above the altar, an image of the Virgin Mary can be seen although without a doubt the space is empty — there is nothing there.

According to the Argentine news agency AICA, what is seen is not a flat image but rather a relief, a three-dimensional image with folds in the garment. It is also not a psychological illusion resulting from the exaggerated devotion of some pilgrims.


Continue to read here:    https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2024/02/12/the-image-of-our-lady-of-lourdes-thats-not-there-but-everyone-sees-it/


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