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Things Can Get Spooky in Elk Grove, CA - By Paul Dale Roberts



Drawing by Richard Vasseur.  Concept by Paul Dale Roberts.

The drawing depicts Saint Gothic aka Deanna Jaxine Stinson in Paris, France (Eiffel Tower).  


The day started off like any other day. There is rain outside, my dogs Pika and T-Rex are begging for their walk. They don't care if it rains or not. Sigh. But, I had to hold off on their walk. It was time to meet the paranormal group known as Gold Rush Ghosts. I met up with the team of Gold Rush Ghosts at an undisclosed location, where we conducted a meeting in regard to the upcoming investigations today. I said investigations in plural, because there are two investigations that will be conducted today. The first one is a private residence. The occupants and the residence are to remain confidential. I interviewed one of the occupants, a lovely long haired blonde woman with a statuesque pose when she enters the room. As I surveyed the Gold Rush Ghosts team, I did a mental roll call. Present for the investigations today are the following paranormal investigators: Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic; Robert Reppert - Lead Investigator; Chris Grissom; Rodney Roberts; Paul Dale Roberts; Catherine Noble; Maria *****; Danielle Carpenter; Liz Harrison; Millieanne Jackson; Renee Miller and Layne Miller. Wow! A very capable team to accomplish any challenges that we may face this day. Speaking of which...the day today is Sunday, January 27, 2008.

Now to my interview with the blonde haired woman occupant. She tells me that her neighbor across the street lives in a haunted home. The neighbors originally lived in a haunted home in Red Bluff, California. When they brought certain objects over from their old home to their new home, it appeared that the entities followed them to their new home. At times the neighbors from across the street have paid visits with the occupants of the haunted home we are investigating. She tells me that during family events, there has been many pictures taken inside of her home and she never captured any orb pictures. About 3 1/2 months ago, she started capturing orb pictures, which she thought was unusual. Then she tells me the fun began, here is what she relates to me.
1. Her husband makes sure that all of the lights are off in the house, he cannot sleep if even one light is on. One night at 3am, they both woke up, because the kitchen light came on by itself.
2. Her husband while laying in bed, heard a woman's voice shout his name 2 inches from his exposed ear. At the time, his wife was not at home. There was no one else in the house.
3. One of their dogs acts crazy around the house and acts like he is chasing some unknown entity within the house.
4. A mysterious blue light radiated the bedroom for a period of 2 seconds. They could not find the origin of the light source.
5. A pair of shoes was found on the computer room chair. Both of them, do not at anytime leave shoes on the chair. Now here is the interesting part. The shoes were given to them by their neighbors as a gift. These are the neighbors that live in a haunted home across the street from them. The shoes when given to them as a gift, was given to them 3 1/2 months ago, the same time as when the activity started. I was eyeing these pair of shoes and thinking I could sell them on ebay as haunted shoes, going price...hmmmm...$5,000.00. Okay, let me get off my money making schemes and concentrate on the investigation.

As we set up video cameras throughout the house, the orb activity started immediately. We had orbs flying out of the bathroom, through doors. We had a lot of orb activity in the closet. We had orbs that moved right, then left, hover and fly up. We had orbs that seemed to follow certain people. This was all captured on various video cameras. Without digital cameras, we captured many orbs, we even captured 2 dark orbs that seem to cling to the wall and moved 1 foot down, to be captured again on film. We took one picture of Robert Reppert and there seemed to be an orb that sat on his shoulder. Robert captured an odd EVP, which sounded like an unusual rustling noise and there was nothing around to make that rustling noise. All of the evidence from this house investigation will be analyzed and placed on the Gold Rush Ghosts website.

When we left this private residence, we convoyed over to the Elk Grove Brewery. We set up cameras to tape Nancy Bradley's paranormal show and Nancy and I, conducted interviews with the employees. The employees interviewed were: Staci Honey, Nicole Grogan, Heather Loft, Danica Beardsley and Keturah Lowe. Danica and Keturah have only been working at the Brewery for a short period of time and have not experienced anything paranormal yet. The stories that Heather, Staci and Nicole relate are everything from hearing a baby crying. They tell me at times, their chefs have felt presences in the kitchen area. Some patrons who claim the ability of clairvoyance, have detected the presence of entities. One of the employees said she was grabbed at the waist by a ghost with a strong grip, she suspected it was a male entity. In the ladies' room strange creaking noises have been heard. One of the weirdest experiences is when a female patron went into the lady's room, she saw eyes staring at her, when she frantically left the lady's room, the eyes followed her out to the bar. Some employees feel like they are being watched. Some employees say that they have seen moving darting shadowy figures. Nancy using her psychic abilities, picked up on an entity named Margie. Nancy describes the entity as being 5' 5" or 5' 7". Nancy says that she has gray hair and it's tied up into a ball. The entity has a cute round face, eyes that sparkle. The entity is also heavy set or possibly big bone and is wearing an old fashioned apron with pink designs. As Nancy walked around she was picking up on Margie's last name, it starts with a 'C' and could be possibly an Italian last name. As Nancy concentrated, images flashed in her mind. Images of Margie coming to America on a boat. While Margie was on this boat, she was afraid of the water. All of Margie's belongings were placed in a chest. Margie adored the contents of the chest and the chest itself. Margie's intention was to be a hand maid in America, but instead she found herself working in the kitchen. Nancy gathered that Margie came over at the age of 16 and died when she was 54. Margie was planning to settle down with a family in San Francisco, but instead found herself in Sacramento, after the family moved. One of Margie's specialties was skinning snakes and cooking them. The eating of snakes could have been one of her delicacies.

As Nancy picked up on the information on Margie, she later picked up on the energy of a short man that happens to follow one of the cook's around. When Nancy focuses on something with her psychic abilities, her eyes are focused on the unseen object. You can actually follow Nancy's eyes as she sees things that we can't see. As the Gold Rush Ghosts investigative teams were on their assignments, the employees allowed us to investigate the upstairs areas and the basement. The team has so far taken pictures of various orb activity. There is one photograph that shows an orb splitting into two separate orbs. The EVPs have not been fully analyzed yet and I will let Robert Reppert place that information in our FINDINGS and CONCLUSIONS.

One of the investigators had a fully charged camera and the batteries instantly drained. A possible source of this problem is when an entity or entities take the energy from a power source, such as batteries.

We had two great investigations today and I am looking forward to the results of this investigation. This is where I let Robert take it away. Robert?

ROBERT REPPERT'S FINDINGS: When we arrived at the first location, I started to take photographs of the site. First to show the lay out of the site and then to see if any orb activity would appear. To my surprise I was able to catch two Dark Orbs in one room of the residence. A Dark Orb is where the orb absorbs the light of the flash and does not reflect it back to the camera. I was also able to catch some light blue orbs around the shoes that were presented to us. Upon further investigation with Infrared cameras we were able to capture the orb activity moving around the shoes first. We then moved the camera to different places around the home. Upon placing the camera in the master closet, We were able to view a flurry of Orb activity and also abnormally high EMF readings. I was finally lucky enough to catch an EVP around the shoes that we are enhancing as we speak. We then moved on to the Brewery.
My Main Job at the Brewery was to film the interviews with Nancy, Paul, and the staff of the Brewery but I also got to do some filming in the building as well. The Basement: this area of the building has been reported as having the sound of a baby crying. Upon entering the basement I could feel the heavy air hanging around me but I heard no sounds of infants. Our team of investigators were able to get an array of orb photos and a few EVPs. We could not get most of the building dark enough to use our nightshot and infrared cameras. On a technical note, I could indentify that the building looked to be constructed around the late 1800's or the early 1900's and it appeared to have had a store on the main level and possibly rooms for rent on the top floor which is consisitant with that era. The brick building sits in which was the center of old Elk Grove with only one other brick building that sits to the West of it.

ROBERT REPPERT'S CONCLUSION: The fact that several people have heard the infant crying, warrants some deeper research into what this building may have been in the past as well as it's occupants. The main areas of sightings were reported to be the basement, the kitchen, and the Lady's bathroom. With the initial investigation over, I can conclude that the brewery has many reports of activity and deserves further probing into it's activity. The private residence has proven to us to have spirit activity. We have encouraged the occupants to enjoy the energy and that there is nothing to fear about the activity. The evidence shows that there is someone or something that likes to be at this place.


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