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Haunted Red House



Haunted Red House
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
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My sister and her first husband lived on Santorini Island and the country of Greece for a period of 5 years.  My sister's 1st husband was an archaeology certified scuba diver. My sister says that Greece is filled with history and ghosts. Some Greeks even believe that Santorini Island was once part of Atlantis.  Ancient history of Greece focused on the Olympic gods that lived on Mount Olympus.  I can just imagine the gods like Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Apollo, Artemis & Ares sitting around a large table and listening to their leader Zeus, as he decides the fate of mankind. Then if you head over to the slopes of Mount Parnassus, you will find the Oracle of Delphi.  Greece is a very magical place, with stories abound with mystery and the supernatural. 

My sister talked about visiting one of the most haunted houses in Greece. The house is known as the Logos Mansion, located in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. The Logos Mansion is also known as the Red House for obvious reasons, the mansion's exterior is adorned with red bricks.  The mansion is located on the intersection of Agia Sophia and Ermou Street. The mansion is of recent history, not ancient history.  The mansion was first constructed in 1926.  The owner of the mansion was the very wealthy Ioannis Logos. Logos was the owner of a very prosperous weaving factory.  The Red House was cursed from the start, because it was built on land that witnessed a major fire in 1917.  9500 houses were destroyed by the ravishing fire.  70,000 people were left homeless and countless people died. Many locals believe that the Red House is haunted by victims of the fire. Strange shadows are seen throughout the Red House.  People have felt the intense heat of a fire and then after a few seconds, everything is back to normal. Some visitors have seen ghostly apparitions of disfigured people with burn marks all over their faces.  When the Red House was completed, Logos moved to the top floor. Logos had the full top floor for himself and his family.  The other floors were for commercial businesses.  

The people of Thessaloniki believe that the mansion was cursed, because Logos didn't care that he got the land for a reasonable price, due to the tragedy that befell on this land. The victims of the fire would haunt this land into eternity and people who live on this land will face misfortune.  The misfortune started soon for the Logos family. They immediately lost a company that they owned in Naousa. The company building caught fire and was destroyed completely.  A construction company that Logos owned filed for bankruptcy.  Shortly after the Logos family moved into the mansion, Logos himself fell ill and died.  A few weeks later, Logo's wife died for no apparent reason. After the deaths of Logos and his wife, people close to the Logos would see "The Crawling Man". The Crawling Man would be seen in the hallway, wearing torn clothes and crawling on his knees with his right arm reaching out. The sightings of The Crawling Man would only last for seconds and then The Crawling Man would disappear. 

Stories of the curse of the Red House was known throughout Greece. Strange people moved into the Red House and locals believed these strange people were vampires. Strange symbols were found on the walls. The sounds of people screaming were heard on some nights.  People on fire, running down the street and then vanishing. After the so-called vampires moved out, the mansion stayed empty for a long time, the only occupants of the mansion were two businesses on the first floor. The two businesses were a restaurant called "Clockwork Pig" and "Ermis Cafe". During the day, these two establishments run normally, but when the sun goes down, paranormal activity will start.  The business owners have heard whispering, been touched and heard people crying.  The owner of Ermis Cafe has made complaints that things in his cafe will get moved around or thrown on the floor. 



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