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Celebrities I Met (Revision 3/16/2024)



Celebrities I Met (Revision 3/16/2024)
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International.

During my lifetime I came across many celebrities. More by accident than on purpose. I want to name a few that I met and explain to you how I met them. Let’s start off with Edward James Olmos. As a government worker, he was involved with a function at my government office (Secretary of State) and I saw him walking on the sidewalk, along the building and I stopped him for a picture with my co-worker (Kendra Larry). Real nice guy.

Hopalong Cassidy. When I was a small boy living in Fresno, my dad took me to a parade. We came across Hopalong and he picked me up in the air and said I was a good-looking boy. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I first saw Arnold filming a movie at the Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles, he was filming True Lies. His stunt double was on a horse and the horse collapsed and slid on the carpet. The horse slid so hard, some of his thigh leg skin peeled off. Later I met Arnold when he became Governor of California and I shook his hand and came across him 3 more times. One time saw him in the basement (Secretary of State) with his security guards and he stared right at me. Ted Nugent. Met Ted when he was sitting in my Branch Chief's office (James Fong, Branch Manager - LRB - License Revenue Branch - California Department of Fish and Wildlife) getting his hunting license. Shook hands with Ted, nice guy. Took a picture of Ted next to my employee Nicole Stowe. 

I never met Barbi Benton, but my dad did. He used to work in the same government building (Employment Development Department -  EDD) as Barbi and one day he asked Barbi: “Barbi, since you are Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, when are you going to quit your State job?” Barbi said: “Not yet, but getting close.” While Arnold was governor, I rode the elevator once with his wife Maria Shriver, nice lady.

I saw Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter in action with his men as they were trying to apprehend a criminal at a State (Secretary of State) building. When I lived in Citrus Heights, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez was dating my roommate, so I met him a couple of times. I met Edwin Meese’s brother, who worked at a government building (EDD) that I worked in. While walking near K Street Mall in Sacramento, a limo pulled up to the red light and in the back seat, window rolled down was Dick Cheney. Dick looked at me and smiled.

At a nightclub in Citrus Heights called Bobby McGee’s I made eye contact with Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, a wrestler. Buzz Sawyer was focused on me and I was focused on him. I walked up to him and told him I would watch him wrestle on TV, when I was stationed in the Southern States. We talked and became friends. Buzz on one night at this club, lifted me up and carried me all around the night club. I asked Buzz to please, put me down, it was embarrassing. While working at Harrah’s Tahoe, met Cher and shook her hand, I was living and working with Jeff Kutache’s Dancing Machine. Cher was very nice and polite. At Hilton’s Tahoe, met up with Bill Cosby and the Allman Brothers. My most memorable encounter was with Erin Moran as she was playing the slot machines. She asked me what slot machine was hot for winners. I pointed out a couple, she lost her money and she looked at me and said…”you liar!”

While I lived in Palm Springs for a while, I went to a night club and Dennis Farina sat next to me. Dennis was not a star yet and I told Dennis that I was applying for movie roles in Los Angeles and that I had the Guinness Book of World Records for Disco Dancing, in which I danced for 205 hours. I was sort of bragging and Dennis looked at me and said: “It looks like you have a foothold in the entertainment business, looks like you will make it!” Dennis said he was trying to break into the business too. Well, I never made it in Hollywood, but Dennis did. A few years later, I was watching Dennis on TV playing one of the Hillside Stranglers! Dennis who wasn’t a braggart makes it in the business and I didn’t. Oh well, serves me right.

My ex-wife Patricia Mary (Mitchell) Roberts and I, went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We ran into Don Ho and Patricia went up to him and Don Ho grabbed Patricia and kissed her on the lips. On our trip to Hawaii, met up with Detective Kam Fong Chun aka actor Chin Ho of Hawaii-5-0. Chin Ho was sitting in first class and Patricia and I, went up to Chin Ho and shook his hand and told Chin that we loved watching Hawaii 5-0. 

Well, that is some of the encounters I had with various celebrities during my lifetime.


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I met William Shatner at  Comicon. He was quite rude and wanted $75 for an autograph. 

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