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Haunted Robert Matsui Waterfront Park



Haunted Robert Matsui Waterfront Park
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

I received two paranormal hotline calls in regard to a girl spirit haunting the Robert Matsui Waterfront Park. This park is fairly new and you probably wonder how it could be haunted. Let's get some history about this park first. 

Robert T. Matsui Waterfront Park, formerly known as Jibboom Street Park, is a scenic green space located along the Sacramento River in the Central City Area of Sacramento, California. The address to this park is: 450 Jibbom Street, Sacramento, CA. Here are some key details about the park:

Size: The park covers approximately 6.5 acres.

Walkways: Meandering paths for strolling and enjoying the views.

Interpretive Signage: Educational signs that provide information about the area.

Native Plants: Landscaping with native grasses, trees, and vegetation.

Picnic Areas: Spaces for picnics and relaxation.

Security Lighting: Ensures safety during evening hours.

The park surrounds the former PG&E building and extends to the recently completed Sacramento River Intake Facility to the south. The initial development, including walkways, benches, and lighting, opened in Autumn 2006. The second phase will add a large group picnic area, shade structures, and additional amenities.

The park offers beautiful river views, making it a pleasant spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying the outdoors. If you’re in the area, consider exploring this serene waterfront park!  Make sure to bring a camera for scenic pictures and possibly some ghost photos.

After reading all that, you are probably saying to yourself..."how can this park be haunted? When it opened in Autumn 2006? That answer is simple. The Sacramento River in which this park overlooks is very old and very haunted.  There have been many drownings in the Sacramento River.  Just recently we have: Body of a male, recovered from Sacramento River (May 23, 2023). The death of this male happened at Robert Matsui Waterfront Park and the I Street bridge connecting Sacramento and West Sacramento. The cause of death remains unclear.  The body was in a state of extreme decomposition.

Just down the river, you have: Three Men Drowned While Rescuing a Child (July 2022): Three men went missing in the Sacramento Delta after rescuing an 8-year-old child who was struggling in the water. Unfortunately, their bodies were later recovered. These brave individuals lost their lives while attempting to save another. \

I was almost a victim of the Sacramento River.  in 1994, I was with my family at the Sacramento River near Greenhaven/Pocket. I was lying on an inner tube, taking in the sun, when the inner tube tipped over after a speeding boat went by, making large waves. I was taken in by the undertow.  If you don't know what an undertow is, here is the definition.  "An undertow is a strong current that flows beneath the surface of the water, pulling objects (including swimmers) toward the deeper parts of the river. It can occur when there are wind and strong currents in the river system. Even a good swimmer might find it challenging to swim against the undertow if they fall into the water." I felt like I was doomed, as I sank to the bottom, while my family was playing volleyball. On that Summer Day in 1994, I felt two strong hands on my chest, and I was pulled up to the beach. To this day, I believe I was saved by an angel.   

Along the Sacramento River, near Clarksburg, people also see 3 fishermen sitting around a fire. If you approach their campground, they will simply vanish. The Sacramento River is very mysterious. The Sacramento River has a smorgasbord of ghosts, but it also has cryptids. People have seen the Mothman on the Tower Bridge.  They have seen gigantic salamanders along the embankments.  They have seen river serpents riding the currents.  There have even been whales swimming up the Sacramento River, coming from the delta.  The most famous whales of the Sacramento River were Humphrey the Whale and then later came Delta and Dawn.  All three whales were humpback whales. So, if whales can hang out at the Sacramento River, you can bet there could also be some cryptids.

On 3/23/2024: Wish Fire, our psychic medium and myself, went to Robert T. Matsui Waterfront Park and did an EVP session. I captured 3 unintelligible EVPs that sounded like it came from a girl. I did capture a Class A EVP and it sounded like a young boy saying: "I want my mama!" I tried to get the spirit to identify itself, with no luck.  As for the little girl ghost, I have no idea who this could be.  I can tell you one thing, this park is haunted, and I once did an investigation at the old PG&E building and that building is very haunted. The PG&E building is said to be haunted by "Broken Hand". Broken Hand is a male ghost that is holding his hand, which looks like it is broken.  I once captured an EVP of a man screaming, this EVP could have come from Broken Hand, an PG&E employee that was injured on the job.



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