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Bogey: The Ghost Dog of Orangevale, CA by Paul Dale Roberts



Below is a "blast from the past".  

Drawing: HPI: Mission Impossible

Drawn by William Carlisle
Concept by Paul Dale Roberts
HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) working with IMF (Impossible Mission Force).
In the drawing is James "Jim" Phelps receiving a mission recording.
Standing behind Jim is Paul Dale Roberts - Secret Agent 24, Wish Fire aka Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Secret Agent 25, William Carlisle with eye patch - Secret Agent 26. Mr. Phelps is holding up a picture of the Demon Warrior and Skyhawk.  Demon Warrior is Paul Dale Roberts. 


Let's look at my weekend. It's Friday night - June 15, 2007 and right after work, I am picking up Jennifer Baca, fellow HPI paranormal investigator. We are headed over to Starbucks on Greenback and Hazel to team up with HPI Core Group B that consists of lead paranormal investigator John Wachter aka Vlawde, Michelle Paykel and newcomer Chris Grissom. Before I go on, I want to thank Starbucks for providing us with free pastries, I LOVE Starbucks! After a briefing about the confidential residence from lead investigator Vlawde, we all convoy over to the haunted home in Orangevale where the Female Occupant's brother was working on sheet rock in the TV room and saw a ghostly German Shepherd walk across the room and jump out the window. The female occupant talked with her neighbors and the ghostly dog's name is Bogey. When Bogey makes his appearances he has upright ears like a German Shepherd, legs and no feet. Male occupant has seen the ghostly dog up to 20 times, he says that the dog is mostly seen in the daylight. The occupants have 4 dogs and 4 cats and sometimes Bogey hangs out by the doghouses or acts like he is part of the family's dog pack. The 4 dogs she owns are 3 Rottweilers and 1 Border Collie. One Rottweiler named Chardon appears to be a sensitive and can sense the presence of Bogey, while the other dogs don't seem to be tuned into the paranormal according to the female occupant.

Before I head over to this residence, to get me into the mood, I didn't play any paranormal themed songs, instead I threw on 'Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men and Atomic Dog by George Clinton'. Hey...why not? Sometimes the ghost hunts take a lot out of me, because after the investigation things are still fresh in my mind and I have to get it written out. I should be getting ready for Saturday, since I have been invited to Holly Nicola's swimming party and I also have a guest coming over to visit from Natomas afterwards. I need to clean my house, before my guest arrives, but no, who has time for that, when I have an investigation to take care of? It all comes down to my curiosity. I want to know if ghosts really exist. I almost feel like the actor John Cusack in the upcoming Stephen King movie 1408, where he has some doubts about the paranormal, until he stays in a very haunted room. That room is Room 1408 of a hotel and all kinds of horrifying things happen to him.

But what is with this Bogey? Do animal spirits really exist too? Of course they do. All living things have an energy aura, so I would say that animals spirits are not something to fancifully dismiss. I have heard about many animal spirits while in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I even heard about some villagers in Switzerland that claimed to have seen a mythical half man/half horse spirit known as a Centaur. How can that be, when that animal was a mere myth? Perhaps in the time of Mu, Atlantis and Lemuria, these great civilizations with a high degree of ancient intelligence, that was given to them by ancient astronauts practiced DNA manipulation, perhaps they created the Centaur. For what purpose? Perhaps the purpose of having an army of half men/half horse that can travel quickly and use choice weapons to defeat the enemy. DNA manipulation is again becoming a reality. The Science Channel recently had a program that discussed on how scientists are confident that they can make a soldier 10 feet tall, all muscle and quite agile. They could even make the soldier's skin green like the Incredible Hulk. So, I think, if villagers truly saw the spirit of a Centaur, then perhaps this was a creation from a civilization that was once on Earth, a civilization of a high caliber of intelligence and perhaps somehow they destroyed themselves with their technology and here we are again, trying to catch up to this ancient civilization.

But enough about spirits of mythical creatures, let's talk about the haunting investigation that is happening this night. The home is about 55 years old. It's built next to Cripple Creek. When I snapped a few pictures of the creek, I had orbs on some of the photos. Bogey is rumored to lay in a coffin somewhere in the backyard, but I think there is another entity in the house. Male occupant claims that sometimes his tools are moved around, sometimes they even disappear. The tools are moved around in the garage and in a room called the Cat Room. At times there is a sweet smell of flowery perfume that emanates throughout the rooms. One of their neighbors lives in a home, that has music sometimes coming out of their attic, or they may hear a child crying and when they investigate, there is nothing there. The house that we are investigating, the male occupant says that his bolts were moved into a neat pile and this was done on its own. Once the occupants saw a face in the kitchen window. They also smell sweet smells, the smells are always different. I asked was the face in the kitchen window female or male and they were unsure what the gender was. Female Occupant thinks she may be a sensitive and that she may be attracting these spirits. She was once involved in seances and used to accurately predict events before they happened. She even tried out the Ouija Board and after having a bad experience, she never played it again. Female occupant is quite fascinating, she was telling me that she knew a priest that performed the actual exorcism on the little boy, that inspired the character Father Damien Karras of the movie The Exorcist (by William Peter Blatty) starring Linda Blair. The real exorcism happened on a little boy, but they changed it where it happened to a little girl and that little girl was Linda Blair.

It appears the Female Occupant has lead an interesting life that gravitated towards the paranormal. And now I can only wonder if the digital recorders that were placed around the home, would pick up any EVPs? Would we hear the ghostly dog say "woof"? As the investigators checked for EVPs and used their digital cameras and video cameras throughout the house and near Cripple Creek, I went ahead and talked with the male occupant. He told me of other paranormal events of his life. He said that once he stayed at a Best Western motel in Room 213. The bed started vibrating, and not from a coin operated machine. The next morning when he talked with some of the motel staff, they seemed to know that Room 213 was haunted. He says that his first home in North Highlands, his young daughter was aware of a ghost in the house and nicknamed the ghost "Ghostie". When he moved into the Antelope area, the ghost or ghosts followed him. So, I wondered, could it be that the female occupant was attracted to the male occupant, because they are both 'sensitives' or perhaps energy of their own auras beckon ghostly entities of the spirit world? I now look forward to our findings, to see if we captured some EVPs and take our time to analyze our digital photographs of various orbs. It is rumored that the homes are built over land occupied by early Indian settlers. This is quite possible, because when I lived in Monterey, CA, my father built a rock wall around the home and we kept on digging up Indian arrowheads, we even dug up the full skeleton of a cow that was still wearing its cow bell. So, anything is possible, perhaps the Indians liked this location because it was close to the creek that provided them with fish. There is so much to investigate in this one home that is supposingly haunted with so little time. Too bad we don't have the government backing that a paranormal investigation team like the O.S.I.R. (Office of Scientific Investigations and Research) gets. Just think, the O.S.I.R. has been around since the 40s! But, who knows...maybe one day. For right now, I can only hope that we will find solid definite proof that there is an afterlife. But, if we don't...I still have my paranormal themed movies to watch and after this article, I am going to kick back with a glass of red wine and watch Blood & Chocolate (vampire movie based in Romania), Nicholas Cage in Marvel's Ghostrider and finally Primeval which is inspired by a true story about a legendary 25 foot man eating crocodile! Ahhhh...my kind of movies!


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