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My Paranormal Travels in Germany



My Paranormal Travels in Germany
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

While I was stationed in Germany from 1974 to 1976, I was very fortunate because I was selected to work with C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team). I was able to work undercover throughout Germany, under the nickname of "Porkchops". While in Mannheim, I used the nickname "Frisco".  When working undercover on the streets, I grew my hair long, wore civilian clothes, wore a beard and mustache and pretended I was a former soldier that was now living as a civilian in Germany, selling narcotics.  Most of the drugs I purchased while working undercover was blonde Lebanese hash; tripping red hash; black opium hash, brown bomber (barbiturate), LSD, heroin, amphetamine, barbiturates. When working undercover, I had many fake MOS (Military Occupational Speciality). Some of the fake MOS were: Battalion Morning Clerk, TAMMS Clerk, Aircraft Mechanic, Security Guard, Dayroom Orderly, etc.  I had to testify at many court martials and Article 32s. One of the places I had to testify was the place where they held the Nurnberg Trials. As an undercover Military Policeman, I saw a lot of Germany, the positive side of Germany and the negative side of Germany.  Some assignments, I had to infiltrate Army units, like an artillery unit in Hohenfels. I busted over 30 soldiers in one unit alone. While working undercover, I had a "fake" Article 15 for not cutting my hair. While I was busy working undercover, I still made time to visit areas that may have paranormal activity. Below, is a list of places I visited and learned about the paranormal history that haunts these places. 

Hohenfels, Germany
Burg  Lupburg: Haunted by a Woman in Black. The Woman in Black will walk up to you and stare at you with her jet-black coal eyes. 
Parsberg Museum: A little child ghost is seen walking about, he has red curly hair. Locals call him "Erdbeere", which means strawberry.  

Black Forest: The Black Forest is very haunted. Hikers, tourists have experienced all types of paranormal activity at this forest. The most interesting story about the Black Forest is that people in the 14th century saw a flying humanoid that appeared to be on fire.  The villagers called this creature the Black Forest Fire Demon. The Black Forest Fire Demon flew around and then landed on the roof of the local church. The villagers rushed out and confronted the fire demon and threw rocks at the creature. The fire demon flew off, never to be seen again. When I went hiking in the Black Forest, I felt like I was being watched and I heard footsteps behind me, but there was no one there. 

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: In the past the locals faced hardships, from disease and crop failure, that would lead to witch hunts in the region. During the trials and executions of 1589–1596, a staggering 63 people, more than 10% of the population at the time were burned at the stake or garroted. The Witch of Garmisch with her long blonde hair, sharp teeth and eyes of fire is said to haunt Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Some people who have witnessed this witch had a stroke or a heart attack, due to fright.  

Berchtesgaden: Perched at an elevation of over 6,000 feet in the Bavarian Alps, the Eagle’s Nest was a gift to Adolf Hitler on his 50th birthday. It served as a retreat and meeting place for high-ranking Nazi officials. Today, it’s a popular tourist attraction with breathtaking views, but its dark past still lingers throughout Berchtesgaden. Ghostly Nazi soldiers have been seen at the Eagle's Nest. 

Lorelei - Rhine River: I took a boat ride cruise down the Rhine River, and this is what I learned when I reached the large rock called the Lorelei.  The Lorelei is a captivating legend associated with a beautiful maiden who, in her misery and despair over a faithless lover, threw herself into the Rhine River. As a result of this tragic act, she was transformed into a siren. She became a mystical creature that lured unsuspecting fishermen to their doom. The myth is closely tied to a large rock named Lorelei, which stands on the bank of the Rhine River near Sankt Goarshausen, Germany.

Nurnberg: While stationed at Merrill Barracks, we had a lot ghostly activity at this barracks. Merrill Barracks was once the headquarters for the Nazi party. Some soldiers saw the spirits of Nazi soldiers walking down the hallway late at night. There were stories that an elaborate tunnel system was underneath these barracks. I would sometimes participate in the volksmarches at the Duke and Dykes near the barracks. Many locals complained that they would see shadow people at the Duke and Dykes and along the trails for the volksmarch.  Nurnberg is also famous for a mass sighting of celestial phenomena or unidentified flying objects occurring in the year 1561 above Nuremberg. Ufologists have speculated that these phenomena may have been extraterrestrial spacecraft. Some craft were shaped like cigars, crosses, and others like globes. 

Mannheim - Turley Barracks: Within the Turley Barracks, there’s a specific room that is haunted. That room is Room 303. According to local lore, the ghost of a young woman named Sandy wanders lost within this room. She searches for her parents, who were allegedly murdered there.  Witnesses claim that the room feels unusually cold at night, and some have reported seeing Sandy’s ghost standing at the foot of their beds. Sandy is known to watch people while they sleep.

Bremerhaven Lighthouse: While in Bremerhaven, I took a week-long class on how to be a Morning Clerk.  While in Bremerhaven, visited the lighthouse. The lighthouse is haunted by the ghost of a former lighthouse caretaker. People say that they sometimes hear disembodied footsteps on the stairwell. 

Furth im Wald (Dragon Festival): Legend has it, that a long time ago angry flesh-eating dragons chased a brave young girl. This young girl was sacrificing herself to save her city. Knights came thundering down dirt roads on horseback, yelling and screaming to try and divert the attention of these flesh-eating dragons. The knights were able to save the young girl and they slaughtered 3 terrifying dragons. The Dragon Festival is a celebration of this unique legendary event.  

Frankfurt - Eltz Castle: Nestled in the hills above the Moselle River, Burg Eltz stands as a picturesque and medieval fortress. It has never been destroyed, and its ancient stones seem to harbor more than just the living. Visitors have reported sightings of ghostly medieval knights patrolling its halls. Went to Eltz Castle with Special Agent Fast Eddy Isenberg; Special Agent Big Mac McFarland; Special Agent White; Undercover Taco, Undercover Michael "Fuggi" ****etti.  The whole CID team, including myself saw a ghostly knight. You could even hear the clanging noises as the ghostly knight walked away. When I saw the knight, I thought it was an actor playing the role of a knight. Only afterwards, everyone was saying it was a ghost.  

Stuttgart - Stuttgart Old Castle. This castle is very haunted. Shadow people and ghostly apparitions are seen at the castle. Another unique high strangeness is that the Castle Fairies live underneath the castle and come out at night. The fairies are seen flying around and glowing a greenish color or sometimes a yellow color.   

Lake Constance: I took a boat ride around this lake. What is very unique about this lake is that as you go around the lake in a boat, you have traveled to 3 countries. The 3 countries are Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  All 3 countries border on this lake. According to the Captain of the boat, he says that there are stories of "Connie" a possible lake serpent. There are also reports of UFOs seen near the lake. After the boat cruise, I visited the Alps and there are many stories of people seeing ghostly hikers and even a ghostly skier.  

Crailsheim - Crailsheimer Schloss: Locals and tourists have heard the disembodied voices of children singing, crying and laughing.

Ansbach - Ansbach Residence: Haunted by an old woman reading a book in the hallway. The disembodied coughing noise of an elderly man is sometimes heard. 

Bamberg - Warner Barracks: While working undercover in Bamberg, I learned that 2 German men accosted an undercover Military Policeman and tied him up and threw him over a bridge into the water, where he drowned. I saw the photos of this murder victim, it was horrible to say the least. They say Warner Barracks is haunted by the Military Policeman that was murdered. His ghost is sometimes seen at the bridge, the site of the murder.

Furth: Infiltrated an Army barracks at Furth and it was haunted by a US Army soldier that committed suicide.  

Munich - Nymphenburg Palace:  One of the most famous ghost stories associated with Nymphenburg Palace is that of the “White Lady.” According to legend, she was a young woman who fell in love with a commoner. Her father, the king, disapproved of their relationship and ordered her to marry a nobleman. Heartbroken, she drowned herself in the palace’s canal. Visitors and staff have reported seeing a spectral figure dressed in white wandering the palace grounds, especially near the canal.

Frankenstein Castle: You know, I had to visit this castle.  When you take a look at these ruins, half hidden in an obscure forested valley, you would have no trouble believing that this castle was the inspiration behind Mary Shelley’s cult 1818 novel Frankenstein. Locals will also tell you that a former resident named John Conrad Dippel lived in this castle. He was born at the castle in 1673 and became an alchemist.  He was known to practice anatomy experiments on exhumed dead bodies. There is also a legend that a dragon once lived on the castle grounds.



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