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The Phantoms of the House of Iron & Peltier Bridge in Lodi



The Phantoms of The House of Iron and The Peltier Bridge in Lodi
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter


Drawing by Richard Vasseur. Concept by Paul Dale Roberts. Title: 5 Types of Martians.  You have: Martian from H.G. Well's War of the Worlds; Uncle Martin from My Favorite Martian; Marvin the Martian; Martian from Mars Attacks and Martian Manhunter.


On this day, Saturday, March 1, 2008, I woke up early in the morning to prepare for a preliminary investigation in Lodi. I stopped over at Starbucks on Laguna Blvd & Franklin to snort down a vinte vanilla latte, the only way I can get a jump start early in the morning as I awaited for my two HPI paranormal investigators-in-training Dee Austria and Jennifer Martinez. We were headed to The Peltier Bridge near Lodi. The Peltier Road is a stretch of lonely highway that seems to lead to nowhere. A horrific brutal crime was committed on Peltier Road. 

Some residents claim that the murder occurred near the bridge. But, before this murder took place, their have been claims of haunting activities at this bridge since the 1950s. There is a story of a girl that crosses the bridge late at night and then vanishes into the fog that frequently engulfs this bridge. High school kids have been known to hang out near and around the bridge late at night to see if they can see this ghostly apparition.

I have another story, that is going to put you right on the edge-of-your seat. Did you know that over 60 years before alien abduction claims became mainstream, two people were nearly abducted in Lodi, California near the Peltier Bridge? Nope, I didn't think you knew this story, so I am going to tell it, sit down kiddies as Ghosthunter Paul tells you a very bizarre story. Now where was I? Oh ya, the UFO story. Anyway, Colonel H. G. Shaw and his friend Camille Spooner had a close encounter with two occupants of a UFO. Both were traveling by horse and carriage and the horses stopped in fright when the UFO made its appearance known to them. The aliens were described as three tall aliens. They were described as having delicate hands. They had bald heads, large eyes, small mouths, similar to what present day abductees call 'grays', but since they were tall, they probably fit more with the praying mantis gray alien description. The beings had a breathing apparatus, that they would frequently use in front of Shaw and Spooner. They also carried egg shaped lamps that glowed. The aliens seemed to want Shaw and Spooner to go with them on their ship. When the aliens detected a negative response from Shaw and Spooner, they finally retreated to their ship and sped off into the night sky. Since we are investigating this bridge in broad daylight, I seriously doubt that I will get an anal probe today. Whew! Now back to the ghosts of Peltier Bridge.

As we arrived at this bridge, Jenn, Dee and I took many photographs and tried to collect some EVP evidence. I will let you know at a later time, if we collected any evidence of that I would consider significant.

Jenn drove us into the older section of Lodi and we stopped off at a hotel for low income people. I talked with the manager and he said that the hotel does have paranormal activity, but doesn't want any publicity, so we left. Our next stop was at the House of Iron www.houseofiron.net http://www.houseofiron.net (209) 366-1900 - 21 W. Locust Street, Lodi, CA 95240. This old building is 105 years old. I met Suzanna Elliott the owner and her lovely daughter Amy Smith. This mother and daughter team were exceptionally fun to talk with, they both had bubbly personalities! I was entranced with their stories. The House of Iron is like a museum! They have unique handmade pieces, iron gates, garden accent pieces, ornate sculptures and statuaries, beautiful home accessories, marble tables, wine art, ceramics, vases, furniture and custom iron work. I almost forgot I was ghosthunting as I was surveying this marvelous establishment. It was eye-candy for any tourist in this small town called Lodi. I thought to myself, Creedence Clearwater Revival would love being stuck in Lodi again, if they were inside the House of Iron! Amy has been running this shop for 7 years now and she loves hearing the stories about the building that is directly behind her. The building directly behind her has been certified haunted by KCRA. From her second floor balcony, customers have claimed to have seen an old lady looking out from the 2nd floor window of the other building. She usually likes to make faces at her customers, the faces that she makes are scary looking. Customers of her establishment have claimed to have seen a ghostly man and a ghostly little girl from the building next door. The House of Iron is a mere 25 feet away from the haunted building next door. Customers looking to buy a beautiful iron piece at times come running out from the back claiming they have seen a ghost from the building next door. Now with ghosts so close to you, I can only wonder if those ghosts at times visit the House of Iron? It was time for my small team of ghosthunters-in-training to try and retrieve some EVPs and see if they can get any paranormal photographic evidence. Suzanna gave them a grand tour as I continued to talk with Amy. I learned that the House of Iron used to be an actual home for probably some wealthy Lodi family. The House of Iron looks majestic and I can feel that this place must have some kind of residual place memory within its structures.

Not only that, there are antiques around this building, like an old confessional laying in the backyard. Old antiques can carry residual energy. This confessional once blew away with a ferocious might, when a big storm hit. As heavy as this wooden confessional is, it's hard to imagine that this antique piece would be carried away by the wind. Jenn notifies me that she charged her battery last night and when she got near the confessional it mysteriously drained. Entities have been known to drain power sources, such as batteries. So, I took note of this. As I pushed on with my interviews with Suzanna and Amy they have told me that at times the lights go off and on by themselves. They are talking about the lights in the House of Iron. This tells me that something very strange is also happening at the House of Iron. One of the scariest moments that happened at the House of Iron is when the lady ghost next door was yelling at one of their male customers from the 2nd floor window. Their customer was frightened by the experience. The building next door is now some kind of tax service building. It used to be a home health care office too. The second story windows of the building next door are now covered with aluminum foil, as if the owner of this building doesn't want his ghosts to look out the window anymore. Amy tells me that there was one other time she had a paranormal experience. She went on to describe on how she would constantly find dimes on the floor. She started thinking, that the dimes were left at strategic areas of the house, to remind her of her grandfather, a coin collector. Could the spirit of Amy's grandfather left those dimes on the floor as a show of remembrance of his life? Amy's mother Suzanna may be an intuitive, because at times she has dreams that take place in the future. Suzanna dreamed about a car accident of someone that was close to her and a couple days later, a car accident did occur, in which the car was sheered practically in half, everyone survived, including the dog that was in the car.

I am truly looking forward to seeing what evidence we gathered and analyzing any crucial evidence that we might have. Jenn, Dee and I, ended this preliminary investigation by swinging by the old Franklin cemetery, another place we want to scout out, sometime in the near future!

No photographic paranormal evidence from Paul's camera of the Peltier Bridge location or the House of Iron.
Photographic evidence from Jenn's camera (See Jen's email to me).
EVP caught at House of Iron. I had my neighbor Rukesh Kumar listen to the EVP, it sounds like a little girl giggling, then talking. It sounds like: "heh, heh, heh..he's funny." Rukesh agrees with my assessment. Rukesh is not a ghost hunter, but I wanted his opinion and asked him what he heard, without telling him what I think I am hearing.
EVP evidence from Jenn still pending.

Jenn's email to me in regard to her photographs today:
Hey Paul!
It was great scouting with you today! We enjoyed your stories and
learning new things! I need to listen to my EVP's. I didn't find much anything of significance in the photos. These two were the only ones that anything seemed questionable. This first picture (top left corner... notice the tree branches go blurry...almost like a mist) I guess it could be something out of focus. But, who knows! (Paul's comment - it's an odd photo and I would assume that everything else should be out of focus, why just that one tree branch - very interesting photo that needs further analysis).

The second picture below is probably just my eyes playing tricks on
me. When i look in the reflection of the window, the top right
quadrant of the picture almost looks like a woman or a girl with long hair or some sort of veil (like a nun) and she is looking towards the right.... But, it's probably just wishful thinking.
Maybe a reflection from the clouds!" (Paul's comments - Thank you for your hard work Jenn, I will have this photo analyzed also).

Before I close this article, I got a call from Brenda Thomas and she related to me, that if I ever head over to Arkansas, there is a home that she wants me to look into. It's haunted by the Crazy Cat Lady. The Crazy Cat Lady when she was alive, had up to 50 cats living with her. She still resides in this home as a ghost and when Brenda lived in this home, she would constantly hear footsteps, felt like someone was watching her and the curtains would always move. The windows would be closed and there was no wind causing the curtains to move. The Crazy Cat Woman lived in this home for 40 years and still causes disturbances. My message to the Crazy Cat Woman. "Hey..Crazy Cat Woman...dontcha think it's time to go into the light? Geesh, people don't want to live in this house, because of you, don't make me come down to Arkansas!" I hope that works Brenda!


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