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Paranormal Talk at Next Door Neighbor



Paranormal Talk at Next Door Neighbor
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Photo is of "Gurudwara Sahib" on Bradshaw Road, Sacramento

At Next Door Neighbor, a social neighborhood network, you can find the latest information on neighborhood crime, businesses going up or coming down, neighborhood events, etc.  I am also surprised on how much information goes out on places that may have paranormal activity.  On 4/4/2024, I saw this message on Next Door Neighbor: 

From: Alejandra Lopez Rivas - Next Door Neighbor
GHOST?!!! Have you guys encountered something similar in this area??

The following message is in Alejandra exact words:
This is going to sound weird. Cause I don’t believe in these type of things, but about a year ago my mother and I were driving back around 7pm at night from the Walmart close by (Elk Grove Florin and Gerber) we were going right on Gerber Road, going towards Bradshaw when my mom gasped so loud and said you almost ran over a little girl! I was like what girl? I told her I didn’t see anything!! So, I quickly made a u turn. Took me about 2 secs to get to the same spot. And we never saw the little girl. My mom said she was about 6 yrs old. With long blonde hair almost to her butt. After that, weeks later there was another situation where I was super close to the same area around 4pm, but I saw a girl around 16/17 years of age wearing grey sweats, long blonde hair, but she was bare foot. Crossing the railroad tracks right on Bradshaw and Rogers Road. When I looked back to see through my rear-view mirror she disappeared. Tonight, I was driving back home with my mom and nephew around 9:40 pm from McDonalds on Elk Grove Florín Road. Right before turning on Gerber Road, I see a little girl about 8years old wearing a short-sleeve purple shirt with jeans. She had a tie dye backpack with faded colors light pink, purple, and green etc . As I see this, I tell my mom....."who would let their daughter walk out here so late?  I kind of braked. To help her get across the street.  At the same time, we both screamed...."it’s the girl!" My mom was like don’t stop! I tried seeing the girl, through my rearview mirror, but I wasn’t able to see her face at all!"  I am still scared beyond words, I can't describe. Has anyone had an encounter like this in these areas?

Message from Paul:
I replied that I once investigated an old shack on Bradshaw Road and Jackson Road. This shack is now demolished. I investigated the shack with fellow former paranormal investigator Cherie Vincent. We obtained up to 8 EVPs. One EVP in a man's voice said: "watch out, going to get caught."  The male spirit was warning us about the barb wire around this old shack and Cherie actually got her jacket caught on the fencing. I would say that Bradshaw Road is very haunted. The ghost at this old shack was concerned about our well-being. 

Also, on Bradshaw Road is:
The very haunted Edward Kelley School, formerly known as Brighton School. At this school, you can sometimes hear disembodied voices and laughter from the spirits of children.  This is what Wikipedia says about the school:  "The school was originally constructed as a single classroom facility, with a small library, and two foyers. The classroom was later partitioned into three separate rooms to accommodate the growing needs of the developing community. An additional out-building was constructed in the rear of the property, which itself also dates to the 1850s. The school building was almost completely destroyed at least twice during separate fires, once in 1874 and again in 1878. It then caught fire again in 1891, damaging a portion of the structure, and the current facade is a result of the 1891 reconstruction. There is some confusion regarding if the reconstructed work truly represents the original design of the building. A sign above the entryway indicates that the structure was built in 1869." On one of my investigations at this school, I captured an EVP of a woman yelling "hush!" I also captured 3 EVPs of what sounded like children giggling. 

One of the messages was from Lora S. Pennisi. She says: 
I remember that house (now demolished). It was eerie/creepy just driving by. I used to work right down the road at Goethe and Bradshaw, and there were several late nights where I'd be stopped at the light (it was a long light), and almost always get the overwhelming feeling that something or somebody was looking at me from out of that house..👀. Every time I would tell myself not to look over there, but I always HAD to look, and I was always sorry 😵

After seeing these messages and many other messages on Next Door Neighbor regarding ghostly activities on Bradshaw, I had to drive to Bradshaw and check things out. Right when the thunder made its clapping sound, I captured an EVP of a woman laughing. It was the perfect time to investigate, with the rain and the thunder.  I attempted to get more EVPs, but was unsuccessful. Sometimes spirits get more energized during thunderstorms and the EVP that I captured confirmed that. 


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