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Haunted Neuschwanstein Castle



Haunted Neuschwanstein Castle
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Walt Disney and his wife when visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, were mesmerized by its enchanting beauty.  This castle became the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. Neuschwanstein basically means "new swan stone".  When I was stationed in Germany, this was one of the first castles I visited.  The castle is adorned with a multitude of decorated rooms.  It has a throne room, a grotto, a chapel and it even has a cave. As beautiful as this castle is, it's also haunted. The castle has seen countless soldiers dying during the Seven Week War, also known as the Austro-Prussia War.  Bavaria lost during this crisis and King Ludwig II was to blame. Ludwig was the king at the time. The people of Bavaria felt like their king was ignoring them.  Ludwig seemed not to care for his people and the people were starting to revolt against the king. Ludwig hid away in his fantasy retreat (his castle).  

Ludwig became a recluse, sleeping during the day and enjoying private performances at night. Tourists and locals have reported seeing Ludwig's spirit roaming the hallways at night. Ludwig is the main ghost of this castle. Prussian soldier phantoms are seen outside of the castle.  The soldiers look like they are searching for something. Some tourists have seen Bavarian soldiers at the entrance of the cave. Ludwig was living his own fantasy and it all caught up to him on June 12, 1886.  Ludwig was declared mentally unfit and was immediately incarcerated at Berg Castle. Not long afterward Ludwig faced his own demise. He was 40-years-old, and it was believed Ludwig drowned at Stamberg Lake next to Berg Castle. Ludwig's death became a mystery, because lying next to him was his psychiatrist who was also dead.

When an autopsy was conducted, the doctors found no water in Ludwig's lungs, but it was still declared a drowning.  As for the psychiatrist next to him, they found bludgeoned type wounds on his head, and it looked like the psychiatrist was also strangled.  To this day, Ludwig and his psychiatrist's death is a mystery. As for the castle being haunted, there seems that there are no malevolent entities at the castle.  When people see the ghost of Ludwig, he usually says..."awww..schon" which means "awww...beautiful".  Ludwig seems to live in his fantasy world even in death. Disembodied footsteps are heard throughout the castle. Orb activity is seen sometimes outside of the cave and in and around the grotto.  Some male tourists have complained of receiving a soft pat on the behind. It was rumored that Ludwig was gay. Could it be that Ludwig is patting the behinds of male tourists?  When I was at the castle, I did not feel any pats on my behind. I guess I am not Ludwig's type. 



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