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Haunted Fort Hood, Texas



Haunted Fort Hood, Texas
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Out of all the military bases I have been stationed at, Fort Hood, Texas (now known as Fort Cavazos) has got to be one of the most haunted. In this article, I will continue calling this base Fort Hood, because that is how I remembered this fort. I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas from February 1976 to June 1976. On June 1, 1976, I received an honorable discharge from the Army. As an undercover narcotics agent for the D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division), they sent me for my last months in the Army to Fort Hood for my own safety. It was said that there was a contract out on me, while I performed my undercover work in Germany.  I was assigned to 2nd AD Hell on Wheels (General Patton's Own). During training, I was the machine gunner on a T-54 Main Battle Tank. When not in training, I worked as a 92A (Automated Logistical Specialist), when my true MOS was 31B (Military Police - Undercover). During my time at Fort Hood, I lived off-base in Killeen, Texas with my girlfriend at the time Helen Lang.  

The 2nd Armored Division ("Hell on Wheels") was an armored division of the United States Army. The division played important roles during World War II in the invasions of Germany, North Africa, and Sicily and in the liberation of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. During the Cold War, the division was primarily based at Fort Hood, Texas, and had a reinforced brigade forward stationed in Garlstedt, West Germany. After participation in the Persian Gulf War, the division was inactivated in 1995.

Fort Hood is also a very violent place. I remember some of the 2nd AD Hell on Wheels soldiers were proud showing me blood that was splattered on the open bay wall. They accused a soldier of being a "narc", when all the time, I was the actual narc. They gave this poor soldier a so-called "blanket party". During a night training exercise in the field, we watched as the tracer rounds dazzled the night sky. The next morning, my hand was completely swelled up, I was bitten by a spider. I was sent to the hospital.  The next day General George S. Patton IV and his son-in-law the Bionic Colonel were inspecting the troops.  I asked the doctor if I could be discharged, because I didn't want General Patton slapping me for being hospitalized for a spider bite. As we all know from the movie "Patton", that Patton slapped that one soldier for having an anxiety attack. I already had one encounter with General Patton, when he was inspecting the troops and stopped at where I was standing at attention and looked at my boots and said..."looks like you shined your boots with a Hershey bar!" 

Gen. George S. Patton IV assumed command of 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood, home of III Corps. It was the first time in American history a son took command of the same division as his father. His son-in-law was nicknamed the Bionic Colonel. He was called the Bionic Colonel, because he was in top-notch physical shape and was able to run along with the troops backwards. 

Nidal Malik Hasan (born September 8, 1970) is a Palestinian-American former United States Army major, physician and mass murderer convicted of killing thirteen people and injuring more than 30 others in the Fort Hood mass shooting on November 5, 2009. The shooting took place at the Soldier Readiness Center. 

Cecily Aguilar is the only suspect arrested in the death of Vanessa Guillén, who was killed at Fort Hood, Texas.  Aaron Robinson, is accused of killing and dismembering Guillen, and then recruiting Aguilar to assist in disposing her body near Fort Hood.

I recently received a phone call on the paranormal hotline from a soldier that wishes only to be identified by his rank of lieutenant and that his first name is "Daniel". Daniel says that before he joined the Army, he was a paranormal investigator.  Daniel says that he and other soldiers have seen shadow people moving about in the area where Nidal Malik Hasan killed the 13 soldiers. Daniel says he captured an EVP of a man yelling "duck down!!"  Another EVP he could hear what sounded like gun fire and people screaming.  Daniel says the residual energy is very strong at the location of the murders. Daniel says that Fort Hood had over 50 suicides and 11 homicides.  Daniel has talked with other soldiers and many soldiers have experienced paranormal activity from knocking on walls, hearing disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, being touched, hearing whispers in their ears and even being scratched.  Daniel says that one soldier saw Vanessa Guillen sitting in the back of a jeep, only to disappear.  Daniel says that Fort Hood is a smorgasbord of the paranormal. With the notorious tragedies, the 50 or more suicides, the 11 homicides, Fort Hood is almost like the Gate to Hell.  Daniel says that's not to mention the natural deaths and deaths due to training accidents. Daniel says that the paranormal activity at this base is getting worse and there is nothing that can be done about it, because it's a military base and the military will not allow a "cleansing".  



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