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A Haunting in Modesto (Blast from the Past)



A Haunting in Modesto
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective


Moon Knight; The Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts; Planet Terry & Iconic aka Richard Vasseur Crossover. Art by Richard Vasseur.  Concept by Paul Dale Roberts

Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009. Busy day today, I have a preliminary investigation in Modesto, the home of George Lucas – Creator of American Graffiti and Star Wars. Modesto has infamous history, such as the notorious murder case of beautiful Laci Peterson. 

On this day, I will actually go to the Scott & Laci Peterson home. Rumor has it that the new owners are complaining about paranormal activity that is occurring in the home. Of course, this is only rumor by some Modesto natives.

One of my paranormal investigators Christina George tags along with me to Modesto for the preliminary. When we arrive to Modesto, I find a lovely modest home in the suburbs, owned by Jennifer Barragan and Brandon Babcock. Jennifer and Brandon have an interesting story to tell. They moved into this home one month ago and in the garage they found writing on the wall, it reads: “Watch out for ghosts and big axx widows!” This was sort of a red flag, that this house may have an unusual history, a haunting history.

I learn from Jennifer that the original owner lived in this house from 1969 to 2004. The owner died in this home in the back bedroom. When Jennifer and Brandon moved into this home, they had the following experiences:

1. Plates flew off shelves and one dinner plate flew about 20 feet.
2. Water in the bathroom came on at low pressure. This happened at 2am. Jennifer went to turn it off and when she went back to her bed, the water came on, this time full pressure. When she shut it off again, she yelled “stop it” and it stopped completely.
3. Jennifer’s dogs will not go to the fireplace (inside of the fireplace or outside of the fireplace).
4. Jennifer opened the attic and her dogs freaked out and almost knocked her off the ladder.
5. Jennifer’s youngest son became violent and moody for no apparent reason.
6. Jennifer feels an uneasiness when she nears the shed in the backyard.
7. Jennifer and Brandon find a Bible hidden inside of the garage wall. Note: Was this Bible being used as a deterrent for an unseen force?
8. Dogs will for no reason start barking towards the fireplace, one dog will act like its being attacked.
9. A man delivering pizza to the home told Jennifer and Brandon that the previous owner was working on his car and the car fell on top of him. He survived this ordeal. Shortly after the car falling on the previous owner, the previous owner with his family moved out in the middle of the night.
10. Jennifer has done her own investigation of the home using a digital camera and has taken ‘blizzard orbs’ (a multitude of orbs that give off a blizzard appearance) and classic designer orbs with intricate designs.
11. Jennifer’s two sons heard strange odd sounds late at night that sounded either like a garbage disposal or cat’s fighting, when they went out to see where the sound was coming from, they discovered nothing that could be causing the noises.

During my interview with Jennifer and Brandon, I had my HPI paranormal investigator Christina George doing EVP work and taking digital photos of various areas of the house. Christina George was unable to get any EVPs due to noise interference from outside.

I will be going back to the Modesto house, because there were certain areas of this home that I felt queasy. I am not psychic, but for some reason I felt queasy in the back yard shed area and the garage area. Christina George went into the backyard shed and she felt something grab her arm. When she came out of the shed, her arm was all red. Yes, an investigation of this home is warranted.

Now, I want to talk about why are people afraid of ghosts?

Why are people afraid of ghosts? The majority of the investigations I have been on have been Casper hauntings. The home is usually inhabited with friendly spooks. Maybe the spook of the house will move the coffee mug from one end of the table to the other end. Is that something to be scared of? I don’t think so, but you will see the occupants of the house in a frazzle, because the coffee mug moved. When I was stationed in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, I remember going to Louisville and seeing the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) alongside the road handing out flyers. The KKK wear white robes because in the end days of the Civil War, they were pretending to be the ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers. The KKK brought out the fear factor by impersonating ghosts. How absolutely ridiculous this was, but yet it worked and to the present day, they still wear white robes. Ghosts are not something we need to worry about. We need to worry about darker forces. A dark force would be some practices of Voodoo. Some modern practices of Voodoo are non-threatening and you can say the more Earthly Voodoo ceremonies are misunderstood and misinterpreted.

The reason why good Voodoo is misinterpreted is because Voodoo had a darker side. The Voodoo I am referring to is when certain drugs are administered to a person, placing that person in a zombie state. Tetrodotoxin from the Puffer fish is used as a deadly powder to administer the zombie transformation. It is said that a second powder composed of dissociatives such as datra is also used. Debbie Daquisto who lived in Trinidad told me that the pop singer Billy Ocean was involved with Obeah (a form of Voodoo) and when he created his song Caribbean Queen, he discovered something unusual in his lyrics. When the lyrics said: “Ah she said I was the tiger she wanted to tame” there was strange devil laughter afterwards. Debbie makes claim that Billy told her that he did not understand where this strange laughter originated from and was quite surprised after he heard the final take of his hit song. Debbie felt that Caribbean Queen was also the incarnation of Trinidad’s Voodoo Queen, but could not substantiante that information from Billy.

Did Billy Ocean conjure up a demonic force by dabbling in Obeah? I guess only Billy will know the true answer. Is Voodoo bad? Well..you tell me…..if you stick needles in a doll and a person experiences pain from that curse, I would say it’s bad. If a person is administered a drug without their knowledge and becomes a zombie slave, I would think that is bad. If a Voodoo practicioner summons demonic forces for their own self-gratification, I would say that is bad. So, when it comes to what we should be afraid of, I would think dabbling with the dark arts would be a whole lot scarier that the ghost of Granny Smith who likes to open up the back sliding door. That's my food for thought.

Preliminary Interview with Devon Lemmenes:
I conducted a preliminary interview with Devon Lemmenes. On Friday, June 19, 2009, my HPI investigative team will be investigating her home for paranormal activity. In my preliminary interview I learn that her home is possibly occupied with 4 entities. There is the 'Garage Man' that has caused items to fly off shelves. He has even caused nailed down garage items to fly off the walls. Devon thinks that Sam Bradley (councilman) and Mary Bradley (his wife) haunt her home. Both Sam & Mary died in her home. A psychic once told her that an entity named Evelyn that somehow participated in WWII haunts her home. Could Evelyn have been a Rosie the Riveteer? Devon acquired an EVP from her home and it is a man's whispery voice saying her name..Devon.


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