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Haunted Coachella Valley



Haunted Coachella Valley
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Coachella Valley is a very haunted valley in California. If you ever decide to travel to Coachella Valley, just be careful, it's also a speed trap. When I was driving through Coachella Valley back in the late 80s, an officer pulled me over and claimed I was doing 85 in a 65-mph zone. I decided to fight the $250.00 speeding ticket and had to go back to Coachella Valley, to their courthouse.  It was a waste of time. I was found guilty. The only thing exciting is that the guy before me was a jailhouse prisoner and when he was sitting in the witness seat, he jumped out of the courtroom with 5 deputies chasing him. The reason I went to Coachella Valley the first time was to see a friend and to check out some haunted sites.  Here is my list of haunted places in Coachella Valley and yes, Coachella Valley is still a speed trap:    

La Quinta Resort and Club: This 1920s resort in La Quinta has been the stage for spectral happenings. Guests have reported shadowy apparitions, disembodied voices, and eerie unexplained noises within the bungalows. Tor Regis of Palm Springs, CA reported seeing "Bleeding Eyes", a ghostly woman figure in a pinkish bathrobe walking around with blood droplets dripping from her eyes. 

Joshua Tree Inn: Located in Joshua Tree, this inn is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Gram Parsons, the godfather of country rock. Gram died in Room 8 from a drug overdose in the early '70s. Tourists claim that small items mysteriously move, and mirrors will shift around. A few tourists have heard the soft melody of the song Juanita, which was written by Gram Parsons.  Special Note: HPI Paranormal Investigator Xandean Smith has investigated various UFO sightings at Joshua Tree National Park.  UFO sightings are a common occurrence at Coachella Valley and Joshua Tree National Park. 

Yaqui Well:  Tourists have made claim that they see three male ghosts holding hands. The locals call these three men ghosts "The Three Amigos".  They appear to be excited as they seem to have found something, most likely gold.  Witnesses says that they will see The Three Amigos dancing around the well in celebration. Some witnesses have heard hearty laughter.  Yaqui Well is about 39.3 miles from Coachella. Franklin B. from Visalia claims to have seen the Three Amigos and one of the ghostly men pointed at something on the ground. Franklin B. went over to investigate after The Three Amigos vanished and discovered a small gold pebble.  

Payless ShoeSource: 47.4 miles from Coachella, is Banning.  Here we have a haunted Payless ShoeSource. Witnesses have seen shoes fly off the shelves. (This has not been verified).  A source that does not want to be identified says that shoes flying off the shelves doesn't happen very often. But when it does, the credit is given to the ghost known as the Little Shoe Boy. The story goes that a young boy, denied a pair of shoes by his mother, ran out of the store and was fatally struck by a car. Some say his ghost still lingers in the Payless breakroom.

Julian Gold Rush Hotel: Located in Ramona. Ramona is 48.4 miles from Coachella. This historic hotel was once a restaurant. Albert, the original owner, has been glimpsed in mirrors, pipe in hand. Upstairs, lace doilies and other objects seem to move on their own.

Sunnyslope Cemetery: In Beaumont (48.4 miles from Coachella), visitors have reported cold spots, strange noises, uneasy feelings, and even touches from unseen hands. A ghostly groundskeeper is said to vanish into a shed. There has also been a UFO sighting over the cemetery. During a sunny afternoon, witnesses reported an otherworldly diamond, hanging in the sky, sparkling blue and yellow. The object, whatever it was, came from the east, flying through the San Gorgonio Pass. It curled south towards the city, where it would hover for the next 90 minutes, mystifying witnesses.  At first, the diamond flew back and forth, moving exceedingly fast. Sometimes it was perfectly still, as if sitting in the sky. At one point, it began to dart back and forth, "swinging" between the city and mountains. And then, as if one UFO was not enough, the diamond was joined by another object, a flashing reddish-orange light that flew in from the east. The UFOs were not only seen over the cemetery, but they also appeared in Palm Springs, CA. Special Note: Karen Jean Walker Caruso was a temporary resident in Palm Springs, CA and on one night when she was in her hot tub, she saw a glowing blue orb in the sky. The orb pulsated for about 5 minutes and then shot straight up in the sky. 

Vallecito Stage Station County Park:  This park is 49.8 miles from Coachella. Numerous ghostly apparitions have been seen on the trail.  Many people have seen a phantom stagecoach, along with a spirit of a horse. Mysterious lights have been seen in the night sky. Ufologists and ghost hunters say that this is a paranormal hotspot. Darren Vonik from Modesto, CA claims he saw "Half Pint", a ghostly midget that has been known to run about the park with his chubby little hands over his mouth giggling. Darren asked a park employee what is that little midget ghost? The employee says..."oh, that's Half Pint." The employee says that Half Pint has recently showed up and doesn't know what the background story is on this ghostly midget.  

The Oak Tree: A popular teen hangout spot for decades, locals know it as “The Oak Tree.” Stone ruins, now covered in graffiti, conceal a dark history. Several bodies have been discovered here, adding to its eerie reputation. A local says that The Oak Tree is haunted by Mr. Whispers. Mr. Whispers is an entity that will whisper in your ear, while you are on a date with your girlfriend.  

Captain’s Anchorage: Situated in Big Bear Lake, which is about 56.3 miles from Coachella, this locale hosts the ghost of George, an alleged embezzler who either took his own life or was murdered. Lights flicker, footsteps echo, and beer bottles are mysteriously thrown.

Palomar Inn: Dating back to the 1920s, this historic inn served as a resting place for travelers between San Diego and Los Angeles. Albert, the original owner, continues to make appearances in mirrors, pipe in hand. Pipe smell is usually detected, before Albert shows up. If you smell pipe smoke....Albert is coming!  


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