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Travel Entry 2: Hawaii



Welcome to part 2 of my travel blog. In this entry I would like to share my time in Hawaii. I lived in Honolulu Hawaii from (1997-1999). One of the things I can say about the island is the scenery. Great beaches, especially Waikiki are a must to visit. The weather is also wonderful year-round, you don't have to worry about cold winters and too much snow (Yes it does snow in Hawaii). The downside however is after a long period of time you start to miss the mainland, think of it as a form of cabin fever and want to leave. But of course, there is also much to do there such as visiting the beaches, attending a luau, it is even home to Dole the well know fruit company, you can visit their factory and watch how the stuff is prepared, and a wonderful restaurant if you're interested you can check out their website here: Pineapple Plantation - Best Attractions in Oahu - Dole Plantation

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Dole Pineapple. 100 percent stolen ground. 

No offense. My first stepfather was Issei from O'ahu. Born in the very camp nobody wants to talk about that Obama finally recognized. 

No Gaijin should live there and they should give every inch back. The Mormons should be driven right into the ocean to swim back to Utah.

And they should confiscate every inch of what Oprah owns and give it back to Native Hawaiians. 

And the Honolulu School System makes Camden, New Jersey's look like Eton.  

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