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Seven Haunted Caves



Seven Haunted Caves
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

There are millions and millions of caves throughout the world. Here are seven very haunted caves.

The Cave Hotel at the Grand Canyon Caverns (Arizona, USA): This Cave Hotel is located near the Grand Canyon. Locals and tourists say that the cave hotel is haunted by the spirits of Native Americans and former manager Gary Ringsby. The spirit of Gary Ringsby is sometimes seen peeking into different rooms. Shadow people are seen, distant chanting is heard. Legend has it that there is a cave in the Grand Canyon that people have no access to. This cave is called Kincaid's Cave. The cave was named after the explorer who discovered it. Kincaid's Cave is a restricted area of the Grand Canyon. There are pyramids & cave walls full of Egyptian hieroglyphics and relics. Many people do not know about them as this information has been suppressed by the federal government for about a century. It is believed that many of the Egyptian relics were confiscated by the Smithsonian Institute and are kept hidden from the public.  The air space over Kincaid's Cave is restricted. It is rumored that some of the ancient artifacts at Kincaid's Cave are bones of giants, Egyptian relics, Egyptian hieroglyphics written on the cave walls and insurmountable amount of hidden gold. It is also said that the hieroglyphics depicts mankind's connection to the gods (extraterrestrials). If you go out searching for Kincaid's Cave, be prepared to be arrested. I will say this one more time. This area is protected by the government and is off limits to all tourists and locals.  

The cave contains some of the tallest known stalagmites in the world, which are up to 260 ft tall.  Behind the Great Wall of Vietnam, which is inside the cave, were found cave pearls the size of baseballs. The cave's interior is so large that it could fit an entire New York block inside, including skyscrapers, or could have a Boeing 747 fly through it without its wings touching either side. Hang Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world. Tourists have heard the sounds of people moaning and people talking in whispers. Biologists have found more than 200 species of plants living in Hang Son Doong, including algae, moss, vines, shrubs, and small to large trees. An underground river flows in the cave, which is home to many species of fish, which are developed to adapt to the eternal darkness of the cave. Khanh Dang, a local tourist claims he saw the ghost of a Psittacosaurus inside the cave.  

The Hellfire Caves (England): Also known as the West Wycombe Caves, these chalk and flint caverns extend a quarter of a mile underground. They were excavated in the mid-1700s and are associated with the notorious Hellfire Club. Visitors have reported paranormal activity such as seeing the ghost of a naked man behind the ghost of a naked woman performing an act of intercourse. When the Hellfire Club was active, the President of the club was known as the devil. Strange rituals took place, in which the elite of this club were summoning demons. Visitors of the cave have said that they were followed home by demonic entities and acquired attachments. Some tourists say that they feel a sense of depression as they enter the cave.   

Here is a cave that I have been to. This cave is only 1 hour and 38 minutes from my home in Elk Grove, CA.  I had the opportunity to rappel 175 feet into this cave. One of the buckles on my rappelling rope unsnapped and I looked down and saw nothing but sharp rocks. If I were to fall, I wouldn't survive. I was very scared and when I reached bottom, I was so happy. Will I do it again? My answer is NO. The Moaning Cavern in California is located in California’s Gold Country, the Moaning Cavern gets its name from the eerie sounds that echo within. It’s a popular tourist attraction, but some believe it’s haunted by restless spirits. The cave’s natural acoustics contribute to its mysterious atmosphere.  Gold miners first explored Moaning Caverns in the 1840s and 1850s, but Native Americans had known about the site for centuries due to the haunting, moaning sounds emanating from the entrance.  Legend has it that Miwok Native Americans told their children about a rock monster named Yayali who lived in the cave and was responsible for the mournful moaning sound that echoed across the landscape.  Moaning Caverns is an important archaeological site where experts have discovered some of the oldest human remains in the United States. These remains date back around 12,000 years and were found under various mineral deposits. Tourists have seen full body apparitions inside the cave. Some people have been touched by the spirits of the cave. Bones of a saber tooth tiger were found in the cave and a tourist named Lance Duggin claims he saw the ghost of the saber tooth tiger sitting on a ledge and then just vanished before his eyes. Special Note: Went to Moaning Caverns with family members: Patricia Mary Mitchell and Jason Randall Porter.  Jason told me that while inside the cave, he felt somebody yanking on his hair.   

Bell Witch Cave in the state of Tennessee: This cave in Adams, Tennessee, is famous for its connection to the Bell Witch legend. The Bell family reportedly experienced supernatural events, including poltergeist activity, after encountering the vengeful spirit of the Bell Witch. The cave is a tourist attraction and tourists have heard strange knockings inside the cave. Mike McDaniels from St. Thomas, USVI says he saw the face of the Bell Witch pop up in front of his face, smiled, laughed and disappeared. 

Chislehurst Caves in England: These man-made tunnels near London were originally chalk mines. During World War II, they served as air raid shelters. Visitors have reported strange occurrences, including ghostly figures and unexplained noises. Some tourists have heard the sounds of civil defense sirens in the distance. Also seen are the ghosts of soldiers running about. One paranormal investigator says that there is a lot of residual energy in these caves.  

The Cave of Sibyl in Italy: Located in Cumae, Italy, this ancient cave has a rich history and is associated with the Sibyl, a prophetess from Greek mythology. The cave’s eerie ambiance and historical significance attracts many tourists. A Lady in Red is sometimes seen on the outside of the cave. One tourist claims he was hit by a beam of light and his whole body tingled. The beam of light was only for a couple of seconds and then went out, he has no explanation on where this beam of light came from. 


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