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The Awake Nation. David Zublick aka Captain Awake or Captain Awake Nation. Known for his right arm that is able to move at hyper-speed. Agent X-11 aka Penny L.A. Shepard. Has all the powers of Eleven from Stranger Things, because she is the real 11.
Artwork by Richard Vasseur. Concept by Paul Dale Roberts.


How many of you ever watch Sci Fi Channel's 'Destination Truth'? It's about a paranormal team that travels throughout the world in search of legendary monsters. Here's what the Sci Fi Channel says about their new show:

"From Neil and Michael Mandt, 'Destination Truth' takes us on one man's search for the truth in a reality show that investigates stories of the unexplained across the globe. The show, hosted by Josh Gates, is a credible investigation of these stories with a first-person style that often alternates between moments of dramatic tension and humor. Every week, Josh visits a different destination around the world that is home to notorious supernatural and mysterious stories, such as the Fire Worm of Mongolia or the Chupacabra of Chile. He attempts to get to the truth by talking to witnesses and experts while immersing himself in situations that, while bizarre, are real and relatable."

Destination Truth seeks out all things paranormal. HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California has gone to the next level of investigations. Sure, we still do ghosts, incubus, succubus, poltergeists, demonic and residual hauntings, but we are planning to investigate some real life vampires, a possible werewolf that calls herself 'Lolita Moonshadow', Bigfoot, UFOs, Lemurians of Mt. Shasta and anything else that goes bump in the night! HPI like the Destination Truth team, seeks out the truth and we will do everything in our power, to find a scientific explanation. If all scientific explanations are eliminated, then we are left with one thing. The paranormal.

Tonight was a hot and muggy night, but I knew it was a good night for an investigation. HPI is a large group, so there are always many things going on at once. Alicia Perry, Lead Investigator was having a 7pm meeting at the Coffee Garden to discuss her EVP findings at her pre-investigation of the Woodland Opera House with paranormal investigators Michelle Paykel, Cherie Vincent, Brian Colbert, Holly DeLaughter, Mary Casiano, John Wachter and Jennifer Baca. There will be more on the Woodland Opera House soon, when I attend the final investigation which is coming up soon. The EVPs that Alicia found were:

"No, it's a ghost", "conversation inaudible", "get out", "Black did it".

Tonight I had to work overtime, so I wasn't able to attend Alicia's meeting. After work I went straight up to Rio Linda to wait for the HPI Team that was assigned to investigate this abandoned home. The owner is allowing me to use the address of the location. The address is: 6225 26th Street. The house was built in the 1920s, it's an old wooden home, with a large yard, horse stables in the back. There are large oak trees and one oak tree is called the 'orb tree', because many orbs are seen in and around this tree. Further back, is a pet cemetery. Along the side is a huge garage and storage house, orbs are seen there too. Let's do a roll call.

Roll Call: Tim Hawkins - Lead Investigator, Justin Kohn - New Paranormal Investigator - Sensitive, Jennifer Baca - Scout -Paranormal Investigator, Cherie Vincent - Paranormal Investigator - Scout, Michele Stump - Researcher, Scout - Paranormal Investigator, Paul Dale Roberts - Ghostwriter - Paranormal Investigator - Scout.

Greeting us at this home were: Stephanie Ottaviani - Owner - Sensitive, Jewels Webb - Intuitive and Jeff Nichols. Stephanie described to me, that she has always been a sensitive and she likes to be referred to as a 'sensitive', while her friend Jewels describes herself as an intuitive, she can sense the presence of various entities at this home. When I interviewed Jewels, she told me that the entities of this dwelling have touched her, open cupboards, played a piano that no longer exists in the house (one time she said there was so much music playing, it sounded like a saloon). Jewels once saw a full figured apparition of a woman in a light blue dress, dark brown hair, wearing a big hat with feathers. Jewel was able to distinguish that the entity had a narrow face. The entity stared at Jewels and finally dissipated before her eyes.

In my interview with Stephanie, she was able to relate to me that she felt the attic was a portal for spirits. Her friend Jeff Nichols confirmed this and told me that everytime they have placed a door on the attic, that the door has been knocked off. They can't keep a door on this attic that faces the backyard. Stephanie feels that something bad has happened at this house. Once she looked through the windows and saw white silhouettes moving back and forth. The white silhouettes were even talking amongst themselves in whispers. She has always felt presences at the house. Jeff's dog named Fudgie has detected paranormal activity too. Stephanie said that the house was remodeled and the living room area was made larger. While I was gathering all this information, Tim was busy doing an equipment count. The equipment used for this Friday, August 31, 2007 investigation were: digital cameras, video cameras, temperature gauges, digital audio recorders for EVPs, dowsing rods. Tim broke us into 3 recon teams. Team A was Tim and Justin. Team B was Michele and Cherie. Team C was Jennifer and I.

All three teams went into different sections of the house, that could include various sections of the backyard or frontyard. Jennifer and I staked out one room. Jennifer picked up a distinct barking EVP. Yes, I said 'barking', like a dog. The room was silent, when we played back the digital audio recorder, we heard a distinctive bark. We played it back for Stephanie and Jeff. Stephanie said she got goosebumps when hearing the bark, Jeff recognized the bark too. The bark was the bark of Lulu, an African Sand Hairless Dog, the mother of Fudgie. Fudgie did not bark at all this evening. We discovered that Lulu was buried at the pet cemetery. Stephanie said that one time, she photographed Lulu's grave and looked at the photo and saw Lulu as a phantom dog sitting on top of the grave. Jennifer hits the jackpot again and takes a few photos in the garage area. The photos are of HUGE orbs by a doorway and outside along the siding of the garage. I took a few photos near the 'orb tree' when I was with Jewels and there was a dozen or so orbs in one shot. Jewels says that she attracts the orbs, since she is an intuitive.

Tim and Justin are in one room and start feeling cold chills. Michele said that something tugged on her shirt. One of Justin's photos captures red streaks, he was unable to duplicate the photo and will analyze the photo later to try and determine what the red streaks were. (Photograph was analyzed and it was a trick of light). Cherie picks up an EVP, that says 'hi'. At the end of the investigation, Tim brought out his dowsing rods. Tim asked Jennifer to assist him. Jennifer also used the dowsing rods to verify various answers we received from an entity named Cathy. Jennifer, Tim and I asked various questions of Cathy. Since the dowsing rods will cross over for a yes and separate for a no, we discovered that the entity's name is Cathy. She is 17 years old. There are 6 spirits in the house. She died in 1916. She was pushed by her father and died. She was basically murdered by her father. She was murdered at another location. She considers her father as 'bad'. Her father is now with her in the spirit world. She is afraid of her father. Her father keeps her here at the house. The house was here during the time of her murder. Her mother is not present at this house. She doesn't want to be in this house. Cathy says Lulu is present in spirit. She said she would make a noise to confirm she was here, she didn't make that noise. She says she is English and there was miscommunication with Cathy as we tried to obtain her last name.

This was a very incredible investigation and everyone was quite shocked to hear an EVP in which a dog loudly barks and later to have it confirmed that it was Lulu by the owner and her friend. Lulu may be buried in the backyard, but she still makes her presence known. Stephanie suggested I photograph the attic. She took pictures in the attic once before and captured some orbs. When I took pictures in the attic this evening, no orbs were captured on film. I do believe something is haunting this dwelling and it seems to be restless with animal spirits and some human spirits, but this is only my thoughts on the matter. All findings have not been released yet as I write this article. Let's see what Tim adds to the FINDINGS and CONCLUSION.

As I am finishing this article, I am receiving emails from the team. They discovered the following:
Cherie Vincent picks up the following EVPs:
'Glad to.' When Michele Stump says may we take a picture of you?
'Help me.' The voice of a little boy.
'I don't think I like this.' Strong Spanish accent from a woman. No female member of the team has a Spanish accent.
Cherie took some pictures of the 'orb tree' and in some of the orb photos, there appears to be faces of dogs and one cat.
Justin Kohn picked up this EVP:
'Want to....stop this.' Female voice. Michele Stump is trying to determine if that was her voice on the recording.
Jewels Webb utilizes restroom and all of a sudden a horrible smell engulfs the restroom. The stench was so strong, she ran out and her top fell into the toilet. She had to change her clothes after this incident.

This ended our investigation in Rio Linda and Jewels took Cherie Vincent, Jennifer Baca and I, over towards the fence to pet the horses. The horses were gentle and looking for affection. This ended the perfect night as I drove home and turned my radio on CoasttoCoastAM and listened to the Betty and Barney Hill interview on their UFO encounter and abduction. Thoughts of the upcoming Mt. Shasta BIgfoot/Lemurian/UFO investigation came to mind. All happening October 13, 2007, Saturday! See you all there!

Not to change the subject, but I recently wrote an article called 'The World of Comic Books, I Mean Paranormal Comic Books' and some of you have suggested some other paranormal comic books for the paranormal enthusiast. Here are some of your suggestions: James L. White Hunter's Moon by Boom!; Jeremiah Harm by Keith Giffen; Sharon Scott's More than Mortal by Avatar; The Nightmare Factory - based on stories of Thomas Ligotti; The Templar Chronicles: Heretic #3 by Markosia; Vengeance of the Vapor #2 by Markosia; Blood Psi by Moonface Press; Miss Fury #1-3 - Pure Imagination; The Astounding Wolfman #2; Arkadian - No Witness by VLE Comics; Paolo Parente's Dust #1 by Image; Clash - Citizens League Against Super-Humans by Moonstone; Iron and the Maiden by Aspen; Hiding in Time by Shadowline/Image; Warren Ellis - Crecy; Dragon's Lair #4 by Arcana and Guy Ritchie's Game Keeper #4. When I received this list, I was questioning some of these comics. How can the Clash be paranormal, then a reader said...'remember Paul, anything that is outside the boundaries of the normal'. That would mean that Superman is paranormal! Superman is invincible, he can fly, he has heat vision, he has X-ray vision and on and on. Yep, even Superman is paranormal! Good point!

We caught a couple of EVPs that seem to have positive confirmation. First, Lulu's bark. Four of us were in the house when the bark took place. None of us heard the bark. When played back for the owner, she said it sounded just like her dog Lulu who was buried in the back yard. Also, during the dowsing rod session, I ask the entity Cathy if she is 17. On the recording, you can hear a faint "yes" just before I confirm that the rods crossed for a yes response. So far we have several other EVPs and a lot of pictures of orbs. We still are going through video, however, based on the above, my conclusion is that this home is definitely haunted. I can't wait to see what the video shows us.

Jewels Webb called me with more information. She talked with the neighbor next door and he said that his home was built in 1917 and the home we investigated was built in 1920. That at one time his home and the home we investigated, were one and the same property. He said that the Fords lived there in the 20s and a little girl died on his property. Could this be Cathy? Also, a black woman that lived on the some other property that knew the Fords, tried to drown herself at a creek nearby near the home we investigated.


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