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5 Haunted Sites in Latvia



5 Haunted Sites in Latvia
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
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Thumbnail: Saint Gothic aka Deanna Jaxine Stinson in Latvia.

I want to thank former HPI Paranormal Investigator Gabriela for this information about 5 haunted sites in Latvia.  Gabriela is 1/2 Russian and 1/2 Latvian. Gabriela spent 14 years in Latvia.  Gabriela says there are many other places that are haunted in Latvia, so many, I would have to write a book. 

Karosta Naval Port: This port is widely known as one of the most haunted places in Latvia. Despite its historical significance, it has a spooky background. The naval base was originally constructed in 1890-1906 for Tsar Alexander III of Russia. The Karosta Prison is also located on the grounds. Tourists and locals have heard people crying and whimpering. Soldiers from the past are sometimes seen as they walk through walls. Location: Liepaja. 

Soviet Military Installations: Latvia was occupied by the Soviet Union, and many military buildings were constructed during that time. The ghost-town of Skrunda, was once home to 5,000 inhabitants, is now abandoned and eerie. Locals have heard the chattering of people talking. When they investigate to see where the chattering is coming from, there is no one around. A ghost known by the locals named "Droopy Eyes" is sometimes seen in the ghost-town.  One local says he looks depressed, and his eyes are droopy. If he looks at you directly, he will just fade away. Location: Skrunda.

Daugavpils Fortress: This fortress, abandoned for many years, was occupied by the Russian Military after the fall of the Soviet Union. Visitors report hearing noises and voices from the site. Some tourists say that a grumpy old man spirit will confront you and say: "Atstat tagad!" Atstat tagad means "Leave Now!" Some locals theorize that the ghost that says "Atstat tagad" is a Soviet guard from times past. Karlis Tretjakovs a former employee at this fortress says that on one particular night an entity grabbed him by the right shoulder and pushed him with a lot of force.  Karlis reported the incident to his superior and was reassigned the next day.  Location: Karosta.

Jewish Heritage Sites: Latvia has Jewish cemeteries where many people lost their lives during the Holocaust. Locals say that visiting these sites is at times very depressing. Some tourists and locals have felt overly sadness.  Some people have claimed that they have seen skeletal type of apparitions in the cemeteries walking around. Location: Riga.

German Wooden Villas: These villas, once relics after World War II, are said to be occupied by ghosts and other strange spirits. Some are located by the seaside. Locals also say that they encounter "The Pointing Witch."  In Latvian, “The Pointing Witch” would be "Lauma". Lauma is a fairy-like woodland spirit and the guardian spirit of orphans in Eastern Baltic mythology. Interestingly, the concept of Lauma has evolved over time. Initially, it referred to a supernatural being, but during the period of witch persecution (from the 16th to 18th centuries), it was humanized and incorporated into the witchcraft belief system. Some locals have seen The Pointing Witch manifest. They say she has long white hair.  She looks to be in her 40s and fairly good-looking.  She will stare at you and then point at you. When she points at you and smiles, you will have good luck. If she points at you and frowns, you will face misfortune. Location: Karosta.


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