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The Grey Man Investigation



The Grey Man Investigation
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

5/19/2024: Paranormal Hotline rings. I pick up on the 2nd wing. A lady named Dallas from Carmichael is having paranormal issues.  Dallas and her husband Robert are being haunted by a man in a grey suit. Dallas says that this grey man looks like he just stepped out of a black and white TV program. His whole body, face and hands are grey. The activity started 8 months ago. Dallas says that she was watching TV in her living room, when all of a sudden, the grey man stepped out of the wall and stared at her. Dallas was so scared, she couldn't even let out a scream. The grey man kept staring at her and then just faded away.  Dallas told her husband, and her husband doubted her story.  Robert thought it was funny and just laughed.  Two days later Robert has his own encounter.  Robert was cooking some French fries and fried salmon. The grey man walked into the kitchen and pointed at the pot that had cooking oil.  The pot shook a bit and some of the oil got on Robert's bare arms burning him. Robert let out a yelp and the grey man looked at Robert with a wicked smile and then vanished. Robert says that the grey man looked like he was flickering, as if he came out of a TV set.  I asked Robert how long have they had the TV?  Robert says they purchased the TV from Robert's cousin 6 months ago.  I asked Robert about his cousin.  What kind of person he is.  To my surprise and shock, Robert says that his cousin is a Satanist and had black magic memorabilia around his home. 

Robert says at times they hear pounding on the walls. At first, they thought it was the neighbors, since they live in an apartment complex. One night the pounding was extreme, and Robert went over to the neighbor's apartment to see if they were making the racket. The neighbors were not home, and the pounding continued.  Another night, their bed shook. Dallas received claw marks on her shoulders. I heard enough. Wish Fire, psychic medium and I, decided to drive over to their apartment in Carmichael. While at the apartment, Wish Fire detected some cold spots. Wish Fire observed a grayish colored hand come out of the sofa. I took several pictures and did not get any anomalies in my photos. I did an EVP sweep of the apartment and when I reached the bedroom, I got a hissing sound EVP.  As I was talking to Dallas, I noticed that the right side of her head, her hair seemed to pop out on its own.  It was like someone was slightly tugging on her hair.  Dallas says that happens all the time. Dallas and Robert tell me that on one night, they felt someone sitting on the foot of their bed. They turned on the light and found an indentation on the bed, as if someone was sitting there. The indentation was in the form of someone's behind. 

When the investigation ended, the only evidence I obtained was the hissing sound EVP.  Wish Fire observed the grayish hand coming out from the inside of the couch. Wish Fire conducted a metaphysical cleansing of the apartment, and I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing.  I also blessed the TV, just in case there is some kind of attachment with the TV set.  Dallas and Robert are also going to get a full submersion baptism (a basic form of exorcism), just in case they have an attachment.  Case pending, to see what the outcome will be like, after the cleansing. 

When I got home, I did some researching to see if anyone has ever encountered a "grey man ghost".  Come to find out, there is a grey man ghost. Here is that story:

In South Carolina, there is a Grey Man ghost reportedly seen on the coast of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. This ghost warns residents of coming severe storms and hurricanes. Some of the witnesses that have seen the Grey Man say that he is slightly glowing and is all grey in color.  The grey man was first seen in 1822. The last reported sighting was just before Hurricane Florence hit in 2018 and previously just before Hurricane Hugo hit the area in 1989.

I don't believe that the Grey Man of South Carolina is the same Grey Man of Carmichael, but I do believe that they are similar. What is interesting is that Dallas was born in South Carolina and lived in South Carolina for 8 years as a child. Is it possible that a demonic entity was able to read Dallas's mind and obtain the information of the Grey Man?  Dallas says that as a child she was frightened when hearing stories about the Grey Man. Who is the Grey Man of South Carolina?  Legend has it that the Gray Man is the ghost of a young man traveling from Charleston to see his fiancée in 1822. On the way, he and his horse were caught in quicksand in the marshes, before they could get to Pawley's Island, and died. His spirit has haunted the shore nearby ever since, looking for the girl he loved.

The Grey Man got national attention just after Hurricane Hugo when residents Jim and Clara Moore were interviewed on the television show Unsolved Mysteries, which aired in 1990. They told their story about seeing the man on the beach and how he disappeared when they waved. Their house was spared in the storm while the homes of their neighbors were heavily damaged.


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She should douse the gray man in holy water with a super soaker.  Problem solved.

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