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I have discovered I have seen every episode of family guy at least twice. SOme episode up to ten times. Bow before me...or not it is your choose whether or not you bow before which reminds me of a story of this one guy who was in the woods and he fell asleep for like 100 years and when he woke up he was all old and has a long ass bears and noone believed that he was who he said he was until another old dude said it was him I dont know why it reminded me of that story but it did and I just realized that I have had a run on sentance for a long time now which isnt very good and I should probably use punctuation and other things but I really dont want to so I dont think I will but maybe in my next sentance I will M.a.y.b.e s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g.l.i.k.e.t.h.i.s.!?



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