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Going on Thursday! :(




This is it officially!

I'm leaving on Thursday to move to Cardiff and live in Allensbank house!

And boy am I scared but also excited at the same time, a fresh new start in a great new town!

So this is it,

GOODBYE EVERYONE AT UM!!!!! crying.gifcrying.gif



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Hey ames, you'll have a great time in Cardiff! U have to check out Creation while ur down there. wink2.gif

*i dont know if my PM ever got thru to u, sad.gif but enjoy urself at uni, and don't believe ppl when they say it's the best yrs of your life, it merely sets the standards of how fun life 'should' be from there on!

Enjoy!! grin2.gif

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I'm not sure if I will be able to afford internet yet, but hopefully yep they will, but I doubt I will have a lot of time to hang around on UM!

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Hi Amy - haven't got the chance to post a reply while you were still around, so just in case you're still roaming the board from time to time - best luck at Cardiff uni, may you'll do well both socially and educationally. :st

And I'm sure it's "see ya", rather than "goodbye" :tu:.

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