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All your faults in me...

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I'm sat here, reading various blogs, listening to various songs, thinking various things...just bordering on the edge of insanity. A lot of chaotic (edited)stuff has happened rescently, between myself, and a group of friends who shall remain nameless for the sake if only us knowing the details...you guys know who you are. It involved my group of friends "kicking out" another person, whom, in my humble and probably flawed opinion, had it comming for a long time. Things where said, lies where told, and chaos insued. Much of the insuing chaos was deserved, although, the way we went about some of it was out of line. But, I have few regrets, and the vhaos was much enjoyed on my behalf. I didn't enjoy the fact that everyone was feeling so angry, bt I was rather glad that a lot of things that have built up where finally put out in the open.

A few weeks back, I took a much need " break" from the group...basically I hide in my room for a few nights, left alone with my thoughts, my tv, my music and guitar. I thought alot, pondering the meaning of life..well, my "life", if you would call it that. I emmerged on a Friday, feeling like a newer, more "happy" me. I had thought much about the group, and all that was happening between us, and how I feel about everyone. It now seems as though all of this was in vain, as the next day the previously mentioned chaos began.

Tonight, we talked, settled a few things between the majority of us, excepted the one we kicked out...but, I don't care about that anymore. Thats in the past, whats said is said. I now have more important things to ponder about, and discuss with the friends I care so much about...once again, you know who you are. And as the group is at a "crossroads" of sorts, I can't help but wonder, whats next?


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