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Come here for horror!



And now if your stomachs and eyes can handle it, to the pleasure or displeasure of you all you can now see pictures of me on a night out before Christmas >>>

It starts off as me at the start of the evening... then me in the middle and then at the end pulling stupid faces to amuse the others!


Ames x


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I'm sure it's distorted the page too much for people to read, but if you want me to get rid of them that much I will.

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Why would I feel bad?

I'm proud to be British, wouldn't have it any other way!

But if anyone can answer the question, then I really would like to know!

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Awww thanks Dis!

I was gonna say, I would feel bad if you were under the impression that all British people were ugly or something hehehe.

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Yes, total agreement across the board. You do look British (I think it's sort of fair complexion and...something else that makes one look British laugh.gif) but also cute and fun. original.gif

Can't wait til I can figure out how to get pictures loaded onto the side of my blog. rolleyes.gif

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Ms. Rose, you go to your content block settings, click 'add new content block' and then enter the image or text just like posting in a forum. thumbsup.gif

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btw, in response to ames 'looking british' apparently i do too. british people have a general look. the way they carry themselves, wear their hair, skin complexity, etc etc etc are many factors in how someone 'looks british'.

haven't you ever looked at an australian, ames, and thought 'he looks really australian!'

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lol, well, BurnSide my friend, it seem I look "Israeli" laugh.gif...

And not because of my physical appearance (I look like ur average northern european, not medditeranean), but by the way I act, talk, walk, dress, etc.

It seem though the culture u grow into has a huge influence as to how you look, more than most realise tongue.gif.

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