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The triumphant return of something or other..

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Falco Rex


It's been a long, long time; boys and girls..

I've been gone for quite awhile from this particular forum, and for what I thought was good reason; although that all seems like ashes and angel wings in hindsight..

You see, I've been mean, diffident, standoffish and cruel to the many people I've met here over the couple of years I've been a member of this forum, just lately..

The fact is, there's been many recent upheavals in my life, as well as numerous problems with a few members of this forums' administration..

I've felt persecuted by people who used to admire me merely because I dared to create something on my own..

Perhaps those feelings were justified, and perhaps they weren't. In the end it means nothing. I guess..

The point is; I miss posting here, as it's a great place..

There were many people I've wronged here who had nothing to do with any of the events in question, and who were great friends to me for quite a long time..

To all of you, I can only say I'm sorry, and I hope you'll accept that..The bridges may be burned, but if you're willing we can rebuild them together..

To those of you who truly despise me; I can only say that I trust Karma will sort you..

I come to you now on UM not as a penitent beggar, but with my head still held high, for although I acted wrongly sometimes, I never deviated from my principles; nor will I..

It's a glorious new age for Falco..

One of tolerance, wisdom and enlightenment..........

Now let's all get plastered and pass out.. :P

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Recommended Comments

You hope "Karma" will sort out the people who hate you?

Becarefull because Karma is sneaking up behind your back

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Well, you don't have to take absolutely every sentence literally..If internet stalkers are coming for me, I'm well armed..

And I'm sorry I turned down your membership a few times Neo, if that's where the general negetivity comes from..In hindsight you might have made a fine Steel Circle member..

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There's free everything here..

Hah! You're looking for the bar...It surrounds you in an endless sea of booze...

This is the Falco way!

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Uh, heh, dude, where did you get all the bubbles? I like bubbles... man, I'm so wasted! It's good to see you back, man.

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