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*the exam storm has passed*

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Dear blog,

alas it seems the only time I get in the mood for submitting something is when I’m recovering; however just as sure as night follows day, and JD follows aftershock, student’s will go on the lash after exams.

I received my student loan with open arms a few weeks ago, but have only been able to abuse it as of last night, with a bar crawl around Liverpool for a modest £20. This was kept at a reasonably low level in part due to the great ethos of our student union, who provide tempting incentives to turn up at your exams by offering 2 pints for the price of one when you hand in your question paper afterwards. notworthy.gif

I just better make sure there’s some of that loan left when the results come back. tongue.gif All in all though, I think my exams weren’t all that bad. The modules I was expecting to be my hardest, Modelling Monetary Economics, was exactly the same as the past paper as the lecturer left halfway through the course. disgust.gif

Talking of exams, you have to admire those quirky questions the lecturers throw in to liven up the papers. In my Labour Econ paper I had to explain how to use search theory to find a girlfriend. As much as I’m sure you’d all love reading my amazing answers, I think I’ll leave that one for now. grin2.gif There were others but I made the tough decision to turn in my question paper for a beer.

So with my first semester exams now out the way, I can now return to the status-quo student lifestyle. w00t.gif

I love uni. cool.gif

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