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Pretty crappy day.




What a palava of a day!

First off I don't get to sleep til like 1.30 am so I'm tired when I finally manage to drag myself out of bed at 7. I have my shower and blah blah and set out at normal time to get the bus and as I'm walking towards it it drives past me and it's the only one so that's that ****ed.

Then I ring my friend cos I knew she was coming in early today cos of exams but she doesn't answer her phone, then also my other friend has his phone broken. So then by this time I'd have missed loads of first lesson so there was no point in going in so I stayed in til 10, then as I go to to get the 10 o clock normal bus that ****ing thing drives past me angry.gif

So now I'm forced to waste £2.20 to get two buses, and what a surprise as I walk towards that it drives past me, I was beginning to think that it was a conspiracy. As I'm sitting waiting for the 2nd bus I'm fighting back the tears cos by now I'm half an hour late for lesson and still miles away from the actual college, and as yet nobody from college has bothered to even find out where I am despite having not been there even though I should be there at 8.30 so thats approx 4 hours and nobody seems to give a sh**...

But then as I'm getting on the bus my oldest friend calls me and says "where the hell are you we're all missing you!!!" which actually cheered me up yay.. for a while.

Then when I finally did get into college we did absolutely **** all in lesson so what a waste of time it was going in, but I missed a lesson of value, i.e. English, i.e. my worst subject.

Then as I'm walking into college I literally bump into an ex.... for god's sake, what kind of a crap day is this?!!?!?!!?!?!

Then whilst Media is actually quite fun, and lunchtime too, there's a big debate about what pub to go to on Friday, because we want to go to the cheapest one, natrually, we're students but a couple of people don't like it for some unknown reason.... so that's p***ing me off!


And then in film I fell actually fell asleep and had to keep doodling and stuff to try and stop myself from falling asleep again...

Then to top it all off it's absolutely freezing and it rained on the way home :@

Hope tomorrow is better......

Ames x



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