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starting off this blog




well, im going to try this thing out. im not going to talk about things that happen to me, that stuff isnt boring but its definantely nothing yall want to hear about. i think that ill talk more about thing im thinking about. first, some of my favorite sites to go to.

((( lyrics box ))) - its got lyrics. to songs. LOTS of them. old ones that are hard to find, too.

((( gareth long's encylopedia ))) - its a sort of field guide to mythical creatures. its got short, concise articles on ALOT of critters.

((( altavista translator ))) - its a good translating engine. you can even give a link to a site for it to translate.

((( dave's mythical creatures ))) - its less informative, and with less entries, but its got lots of neat pictures. if you dont know much about that sort of thing, this site is a good place to start learning.

((( monstrous ))) - its a neat site on monsters, including cryptids, mythical creatures, monsters from movies and books, the works.

((( mystical menagerie ))) - its a very interesting site about myths concerning normal animals. its entries are to-the-point.

((( snopes ))) - you probably know of it already. its a fantastic site on urban legends.

((( bilbo's world ))) - its a site of all sorts of things: LOTR, myths, legends, sagas, art. its a good place to just browse.

((( oddworld ))) - a collection of odd newspaper clippings, funny quotes, optical illusions, useless facts. you know, odd stuff.

((( Godchecker ))) - Gods and mythology and such. I got it from M. Snufferpuffer. Its great.



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