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hats and dinosaur colors




you know whats sad? that nobody wears hats anymore. the age of the hats is gone. if you watch an older television show, especially one from the fifties, youll notice that everybody wore hats back then. all the men had hats, all the women had hats, even all the kids wore hats. nobody even went out their house without some kind of hat on. now, the only hats being worn are baseball caps, straw hats (usually worn only by little old ladies working in their flower beds) and those stupid floppy-brim fedoras (usually outrageously colored, and only worn by pimps). i wonder if hats will ever come back? it would be like heaven for bald men. i wish i had a stovepipe hat, you know, like the type Abraham Lincoln is always wearing in the pictures. a really TALL stovepipe hat. i think it would be neat, somebody could ask me, 'what is that?' and i could say, 'its a stovepipe hat!' and strike a dramatic pose.

i dont know........

and you know what else is sad? the way they color dinosaurs lately. see, up until the late eighties, everybody painted dinosaurs in dull, boring shades of green, brown, and gray. like normal lizards and snakes. it just hadnt occured to anybody that they could be any color. then, when us humans started finding lots of feathered dinosaurs, we started thinking that dinosaurs with feathes could be as fancy-colored as some birds, which was actually a new idea. so we began painting the feathered ones in different colors, yellow and red and blue and such. then, the sad part, we got over-excited and started coloring them all sorts of horrible garish colors. i saw an illustration yesterday with a galliornomimus hot pink. some of these pictures give you headaches and temporary color-blindness, theyre so bright. would dinosaurs really have evolved THAT colorful? i think not.



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Funny you should mention, but my Father wears a slouch hat all day every day. You should see the funny looks he gets. tongue.gif Me personally; I don't ever wear a hat. I wonder exactly when hat wearing became unfashionable..

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i think that when tanned skin replaced creamy white skin as 'sexy', nobody wanted to wear hats because they wanted to be exposed to the sun more, not shaded. Maman says it was still popular in the early seventies, but after that it sort of went down. until now nobody wears hats unless theyre pimps or little old ladies or baseball players. or me.

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