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All your faults in me...

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This is gonna be fun...




Hello again.

Mid terms in a week and I've hardly studied....CRAP!!!!!!!!! French is going to be sick, and I have no clue about Healthy Living...it's all *twadle So, it looks like I've got my plate full for the next week or two.

There was a dance Friday. The dance itself sucked hard...like, the worst I've ever been too. But, it was a laugh over to a friends place before the dance. All I have to say is that I have a new found appreciation for Gatoraid bottles, pens, and electrical tap.

At the dance, I had alot of time to just sit, and think. I came to realize alot, and it changed my outlook on alot of things, alot of people. The changes I've decided to make aren't going to be easy, but they are changes that I have to make.

Well, the next few weeks are going to be rocky indeed.

Untill next time....




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