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All your faults in me...

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Stupid Me




We've all done stupid things. And, we've all laughed at someone licking a metal post on a cold day. This is the best of both worlds.

Last friday, me and some friends went down through some trails to our usually spot where we hang out. These trails run along our harbour, and over a brook, and through a bunch of trees. So, we go into the little clearing in the trees and just start talking, and having a laugh.

So, we get a bit bored, and decide to stand on the bridge, and just over look the town on the beautiful clear night. While there, I get a brilliant idea: if I lick my right index finger, and touch the metal rail, will it stick? I tried this, and, sure enough, it did.

This was bad enough. I didn't want to just rip my finger off the rail, because that would hurt alot. So, I start breathing on it, and it gradually starts to come free.

So, I get about half my finger unstuck, when I lean in a bit to close, and the left side of my lips touch the rail, and freeze. So, left with no other option, I haul both my finger and lips free.

My finger starts to burn, and it sucks. But the worse was my lips. Half of the left side of my bottom lip starts to bleed, and it REALLY stings. I was spitting out blood for about a half hour....needless to say, this wasn't fun at all. But, it did make for a great laugh a little later on in the night.

The moral of this story?

Don't be an idiot, and decide to mess with cold steel rails.


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