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All your faults in me...

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Alright, my blog is being stupid and refusing to post my previous entry, so I'll have a go at another...

Midterms back today...here's my marks

French - 76

Math - 73

Healthy Living - 74

Science - 89.5

History - 92

English - 74

I pulled off these marks without studdying, so I figure that if I start studying, I can easily get 90's. I'm going to try to acheve this from now on...haha, I guess you can consider this a really delayed New Year's resolution.

Well...I'm going to try to devote more time to song writting...that is, putting lyrics to some guitar parts I have written. Specificly, this song, which is one I've been fooling around with for a long time:


Let me know what you think!

Well, that's all for now. Untill next time...




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Why thank you...I'm liking Healthy Living now that we are talking about drugs, haha. But before it was all healthy eating crap.

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