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Cabbages&Kings -- Falco Rex's Blog Name



I love this poem.... by Lewis Caroll, I presume that's where Falco get's his name from...

"The time has come" the Walrus said "to talk of many things,

Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -

Of cabbages and kings - and why the sea is boling hot -

and whether pigs have wings!"

Just part of the long poem called "The Walrus and the Carpenter" that features in Alice in Wonderland, it has to be one of my favourite poems ever, I dunno if this can be counted as a trackback as it's a reference to Falco's name?

To read the full poem check here:

Ames xxx


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That's where I got the name allright. Good call Ms. Ames! I figured if this blog thing was on here long enough I'd get around to commenting on everything, so..

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The musings of Walrus is what you compare your blog too - good call!

Those things that he suggests are all very worthy of thoughts I think!

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i saw that and thought the same thing. wasnt that one in Through the Looking Glass? i cant remember.......

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