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A new and easy to way to view all the pictures I put up:


I'll still post when it gets updated though...!

Ames xxx

P.S. Over the half term... starts on the 12th of Feb or something, I was thinking of setting up my old mysteries website and doing some more stuff on there, if anyone remembers it and would like to see it back, please please please leave message on here so I know whether to bother or not!

Much thankness!!!!!



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There are not enough websites on the web that give alot of acurate and discriptive information like yours did.

I refered to it alot on my debunking, and would love to see it back. thumbsup.gif

Now to check these pics!

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Your image site was the same site as your old one?

My work has gotten weird lately actually. My avatar and sig never used to be blocked either but they are now. And just suddenly all your pictures to me got blocked so i can't see any anymore.

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Yeh tis same hosting as I used for the mysteries website, and I know you could see that.

Tis very odd indeed.

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