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China / Toys for Teens / Burnside/ Country / Hell




You know whats wierd? if you think about it, (and you live in the United States) people in China are WALKING UPSIDE-DOWN!!!!! and to them, WE are the upside-down ones. freaky!

I dont know what the deal is with older kids and toys. where is the unwritten rule that says kids past twelve can only get video games, and not toys? im about to have my birthday, and im getting several dinosaur toys, a Squirmy-Wirmy, and a couple other toys. Maman still gets stuffed animals (plushies). if thats what i want for my birthday present, why cant i have it? heck, Papa should be happy i dont want all sorts of expensive computer or video-game junk.

we passed through a town named Burnside today.

There must be an ENMORMOUS beaver back in the swamps. that one beaver print i saw was the biggest damn print ive ever seen of anything. and ive seen bear prints. yeah. that big. i wonder how much he weighs...........or she.

You know where Country music went wrong? In the early eighties, when they had all that 'Urban Cowboy' garbage. Now, you turn on the Grand Ole Opry, and they have little pretty city boys with spiked hair. Now, you turn the radio to a country channel, and then switch to a cool-rock channel, and chances are good theyll have the same song playing on both. these arent country folks playing this noise, theyre soft-rock rejects.

speaking of pretty city boys, i met one in hell today. he had a scratch on his arm, a little shiny pocket knife, knew deer ate acorns, and apparently thought it made him a real country kid. i would have liked to hit him and watch him cry like a baby, but instead i waited. at last, he screwed up and said he flushed a rabbit out of its hole a few weeks ago. after making sure he said 'hole', i said something to the effect of, "rabbits dont dig holes in Louisiana", because they dont. ha ha. blush, little b******. i still had to talk to him, though.



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