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Dukes of Hazzard / Theme




Theyre making part of the Dukes of Hazzard movie right down the road from us. we could drive there, and actually we did. Jessica Simpson is playing Daisy, which shes perfect for; shes already a pea-braind blonde, so she doesnt even have to act, just be herself and wear tiny little shorts. when we drove by the place they were filming it, we looked for her, but didnt see her. shucks, we could have killed her in a drive-by shooting. yeah, i hate celebrities.

In that movie, i hope they use the same theme song (which, by the way, Waylon Jennings [my favorite singer] played). or i will be mad, because it was perfect and a damn good song.

today, i thought, my blog really needs some sort of a theme. what better than to name it after that grandest of places? of course im talking about swamps. i can decorate the blog appropriately. its perfect, and it took no thought whatsoever......unfortunately, it also occupies very little entry space.

now, for any city folk, i meant SWAMPS, not marshes. marshes are fairly shallow, often salty, have relatively few animals, have tall grasses and few trees, which are usually dead from the rising briny water. swamps, though, are anywhere from ankle deep to lake-deep, are always fresh water, (sometimes) have more animals than anyother environment on earth, have trees and no grass. of course, there are many more differences, but im telling you this so that you can know what i mean and what i do not. i find city folk dont know the difference.

LATER: there are so many beautiful pictures......but theyre all too big!

EVEN LATER: sure thing. theyre all way too big or microscopic. so i guess ill scratch that idea.



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